Helm of Neitiznot This is a decent balanced helm from Dragonborn's blog

The odds of getting whips that are within OSRS Gold the 75-125 kill range is a possibility, not tipacal, but it is possible. You have more of a possibility of getting it within a range of 1-540 kills. However, it is possible to not receive one. Also, if you ask someone about why they train slayers, it's almost always because of the huge drops. For instance, whips derived from abby deamons, sol from ice strykewyrms, etc.

Even if they kill for those drops , the majority of their revenue won't come from them especially when it comes to ice wyrms. they can drop amazing amounts and the SOL is merely a small bonus. The 1:540 is the average dropping (mite be 520, can't remember) however, it's a result of players submitting the number of kills they have to take to achieve a whip. and yes, it is possible to be into your range, however it's not the rate of drop.

Helm of Neitiznot This is a decent balanced helm. the helm of Torag or Verac if you're looking for greater defensive stats or a fighter hat for offensive statistics (about similar stats to the Rune full-helm, but bonus points in attacks like Stab, Slash and Crush attack styles)

Guthans Plate - Good, Fighter torso gives an attractive Strength bonus. it's also an option for those who can't afford Bandos however I'm still not sure of this, but I'm assuming that Torag's (and Dharok's) provides slightly better defense and is costing 650kish, so it's well worth it in my opinion.

Your current setup is okay However, I'd suggest something that isn't going to degrade. Dragon Platelegs with Buy RS Gold Fighter Torso, for example. Dragon Platelegs aren't very expensive, while it's the Fighter Torso only costs a few hours to acquire. Or Bandos armour if you're a very wealthy player.

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