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Lost Ark's free MMO Lost Ark's new video breaks down the diverse selection of ARPG playable endgame releases.

The arrival of the much-anticipated MMO-APRG Lost Ark is just over two weeks away. The MMO was originally released in South Korea in 2018, and some people have wanted to play the game for years. For its imminent arrival, Amazon Games, the publisher of the Western version, needs to promote it for those unfamiliar with Lost Ark, and also needs to help players differentiate the Korean version from the Western version. And a new video focused on explaining the Lost Ark endgame should help with both.

Lost Ark has received multiple updates in its more than three years of launch, and the MMO endgame has expanded. Western audiences can figure out where they'll start with this new video from Amazon, and players will be able to play through the rich gameplay of Lost Ark.

Of these, the four key areas for releasing endgame gear progression are Chaos Dungeons, Abyss Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Towers. Chaos Dungeons are daily timed events that can be completed individually or in groups, which reward incremental equipment items and upgrade https://www.mmowts.com/lost-ark-gold materials. The Abyssal Dungeon is a more difficult dungeon that can only be completed once a week, and its rewards are also better. Guardian Raids, on the other hand, are daily single-boss encounters that reward accessories and upgrades. Lastly, The Tower is a single-player experience that gets better and better as the difficulty increases, including high-value skill point potions for maximizing the skill tree.

It's worth mentioning that these are not all of the new localized MMO endgame content. The game content also includes other world events such as Chaos Gate, Wild Bosses, Adventure Islands, Ghost Ships and some potential activities. By completing these world events, players can earn a variety of rewards.

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