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MINIGAMES GENERAL OVERVIEW. A lot of OSRS Gold players are not familiar with concept of minigames developed by Jagex. They were designed a long time ago in order to provide adventurers of Gielinor quick tasks they could complete to earn various rewards.

Minigames focus on being short , but not too lengthy. The majority of them have built-in puzzles that require completion with a specified goal. Rewards usually consist of experience lamps and smaller objects. If you come across red star on the map that resembles a quest icons with different colors It is a sign that Minigame is available at that location. The main difference between Minigame and Quest is that Quest is that the first can be completed multiple times, as long as the player wants.

It will be crucial to bring some food. Just like with normal pickpocketing - your targets might want to take revenge If they spot you trying to steal from them. There will be a need for food to regenerate health points. Because you also don't want to run out of money quickly, buy wines. They're cheap and each one recovers 11 health which is good enough. The purchase of cooked fish may give you more health per serving but will cost much more gold.

If you want to train for a longer duration at the same spot, you could take along wine that you have a good reputation and use the store trick to make an unlimited food sources from it. You can simply sell all your wine in a general store in the vicinity of bandit camp and buy the amount you need when you run low on food in your workout.

This will allow you to unnotify purchased wines and allow you to utilize them without having to visit the bank which is more expensive than a general store. There is no need for more than 200gp to Old School RS Gold take a carpet ride since you'll get enough gold to buy wine from the bandits that you take from your pockets. Because Pollen Reach is not affected by desert heat you don't require or have access to water.

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