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The Heart Of The Oak (HOTO) provides many useful rewards for all caster classes and constructions, especially when they are fighting demons, so this is a very popular rune word.

It can be crafted with any mace or rod weapon except mace. Flail that can be waved with one hand is more popular, allowing players to carry the shield with the other hand. If you are playing a Sorceress and want to find a 4-slot staff with a set of ideal modifiers, this may be the only D2R Items situation where you want to make a staff of Oak Heart.

The basic weapon of Heart of Oak must have exactly four slots, so that the rune word "KoVexPulThul" can be spelled out. However, it should be noted that you must add the runes to the weapon in the exact same order, otherwise you will not be able to obtain the heart of the oak tree. So first add the Ko rune, then the Vex rune, then the Pul rune, and finally the Thul rune.

When you finish Chapter 4 Normal, you can find a 4-hole flail anywhere in it, or you can find a normal flail and use the Heradic cube to add slots, but only in Chapter 4 Normal or In later versions, it is possible to find a four-slot flail, or to use Razuk after completing the siege of Harrogath in the fifth act.

The easiest to find in HOTO runes is Thul, which can be dropped from the fourth act of normal difficulty. Ko is the next easiest rune to find, but it is still much more difficult. It may drop in the second act of Nightmare difficulty, it is more likely to appear in the Hell Furnace of Nightmare or Hell, or you can get it from the Countess of Hell. Pul is also very difficult to find, it doesn't start to fall until the fourth act of Nightmare. Vex is also very difficult to find. You can't get it from the Countess or Hell Furnace. You can only Buy Diablo 2 Resurrected Items hope that it will randomly drop somewhere on Hell difficulty.

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