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Recently, Path of Exile players are excited that they can take part in some events in December, starting with Royale returning for three days. Players who are familiar with this still have some expectations, because it returns in a twist. So in order to better challenge themselves in the event, players can prepare some POE Currency.

In this version, Brutus appears in the center of the safe zone approximately 8 minutes after the start of the round. The problem is that he is locked and inactive. Players who want to fight can wake him up and see how they perform. Those who can kill Brutus will receive unique POE Items drop rewards. Players can play Royale on December 8, 22 and 29. For the other five events, here is some information.

Endless Delve. It starts on December 3 and ends on December 13. Players start activities at Mine Encampment and cannot leave Mine. All sulphite costs have been removed from the level 1 mine scale instead of its usual scale. Players start with a bunch of Scrolls of Wisdom and some powerful unique items. So players can buy POE Currency to enhance their strength.

Zizaran’s Gauntlet. Players can take part in the event between December 10th and December 20th. This 10-day Class Gauntlet Event allows racers and others to compete and earn points by upgrading characters and killing bosses.

Endless Heist. It started on December 17 and ended on December 27. Players start from Rogue Harbour and cannot leave it except to run Contracts and Blueprints. The contract no longer costs Rogue Markers to run. Provide Contracts and Blueprints in large quantities. This should allow players to play Heists without interruption.

Atlas Invasion. It started on December 24 and ended on January 3. Similar to league, but each area has five endgame map bosses. Players can Buy Chaos Orbs to better fight against these bosses.

Delirium Everywhere. It started on December 31 and ended on January 10. Almost every campaign and endgame map area has permanent Delirium fog. These ranges randomly from 1% to 100% Delirium.

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