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World of Warcraft is undoubtedly the most successful MMORPG in more than ten years, and even the most successful game. Countless new competitors have tried to snatch players from World of Warcraft, but there has never been a game that can be as successful as World of Warcraft. Although World of Warcraft is great, as a game more than ten years ago, there are some inherent problems in the basic game, such as cumbersome action bars and bags.
But it is not that there is no way to solve these WOW TBC Gold problems. Some capable players in the game community have created many addons and mods, which can also be used in WOW TBC Classic and make your quality of life in the game better. Simply put, addons and mods can make complex things in the game simple by improving the map display, adding built-in damage statistics, and so on.

Another essential add-on category could be the user interface. While absolutely nothing is wrong with Blizzard's classic interface, it is usually better. There are two recommended addons here. pfUI is usually a more advanced option, which helps you to completely redesign the whole game's interface in your case.
Meanwhile, Bartender will be the simple option that concentrates on just the action bars. One of WoW's biggest problems is basically that you kind of just uses up action bar space and turn out having to makes use of the weird vertical bars upon the edge from the screen. Both addons enable you to redesign this, with pfUI in excess of and beyond.

Unit frame addons are somewhat a part of graphical user interface addons. If you decide to use pfUI, you will not need Xperl, but when you want to keep things simple, a combo of Bartender and Xperl is best suited.
Xperl is targeted on just the device frames: your and also your enemies HP bars, together with your group's should you be in a party or raid. This addon lets you move it frames in which you want them and enables you to edit their size. It's very handy since by default they're locked towards the top left of your respective screen, clear of everything else.

Deadly Boss Mods
If you're planning to head into dungeons or raids, you will require an addon for boss encounters. The best option here could be the famous Deadly Boss Mods.
This addon lets you know all on the abilities of each boss amongst players and displays timers in your screen and that means you know what's coming and once. It's an absolute lifesaver since it will (almost) guarantee you just aren't caught out by any boss mechanics. A must-have if you are aiming to attempt better content in TBC.

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