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There are numerous issues with Amazon's MMO, including dupe exploits, permanent damage buffs, and more. Here's what new world gold needs to do to make things better.

Since its release, Amazon's latest massively multiplayer online game, cheap new world coins, has been embroiled in a number of controversy. Week after week, a slew of bugs have been discovered, with the severity of each finding increasing with each passing week. What began as a few minor combat bugs has quickly escalated to the point of being game-breaking.

Armor Equilibrium
Perks are being fixed.
perks that affect weapon skills: The vast majority of perks that affect weapon skills, such as Empowering Fireball, either do not function at all or function in the opposite direction of what they claim to do.

The endgame grind will begin once your character reaches the level cap of 60, at which point you'll begin to increase the Gear Score of your items. The way to accomplish this is to raise your Gear Score Watermark, which is the range of Gear Score items that drop for specific slots. If you've played other loot-based games like Destiny, you'll recognize this system as being fairly straightforward.

Making something by hand
Obtaining set-rolled items from quests is a common practice.
This includes quests for legendary weapons.
Purchasing faction equipment This leaves you with the option of farming Expeditions or Elite zones instead.
Persistent Conditional Effects Must Be Fixed
The Hatchet passive Against All Odds is the most well-known example of this, as it grants 10% additional damage for every enemy within range of you. At the moment, this damage effect does not diminish when enemies die or move away from you, allowing you to instantly snapshot up to 300% bonus damage on your Hatchet for no additional cost. The effect lasts even after the user has died, completely destroying any semblance of weapon balance in PvP.

In addition, the Bow's Catch Me If You Can passive continues to function even after you have been uncircumscribed, granting you a permanent movement speed boost. Even some consumables continue to exist after they should have been destroyed. Consumable items from Outpost Rush, as demonstrated by user u/Imaginary-Fun on the New World subreddit, continue to be active after the match has ended, allowing players to amass massive amounts of damage resistance and bonus damage while participating in activities that were not designed to take advantage of those bonuses.

Those who have been following New World may have heard about a massive deflation crisis that occurred around the middle of October. Despite the fact that Outpost Rush's re-enablement helped to alleviate a significant portion of the deflation crisis, one of the primary causes of the game's deflation crisis has yet to be resolved: taxes.

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