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In Path of Exile, players cannot grow without POE Currency. For novice players, they need some POE Currency to help them quickly understand the gameplay and mechanisms in the game and be able to improve their strength quickly. For senior players, they also need to prepare some POE Currency to help them upgrade to a higher level. Here are some ways to earn Path of Exile Currency in the game.

Farm The Eternal Labyrinth. The Path of Exile community agreed that farming the Eternal Labyrinth is an insurmountable pain point. It filled each run with many side rooms that players must navigate, traps that can one-shot certain constructions, and bosses that can one-shot most players. The community’s contempt for this activity makes it an ideal place to make money. Players can create builds with as much physical damage reduction or speed as possible.

From there, look for players who need Uber Lab to carry with them and pay to guide them through. This will not only provide players with passive income, but if the player gets a good helmet enchantment from Divine Font, then each run will also give the player the opportunity to create dozens of Exalted Orbs. Be the helmets Enchant and carry players to earn a lot of money from Labyrinth runs.

Flip Items. Any player familiar with trading can create thousands of POE Chaos Orb through flipping items. Flipping items can also include completing Prophecies granting higher value items or purchasing key fragments to run the final game boss, dropping more valuable POE Items. If players think these methods are too laborious, they can also buy POE Currency directly on POECurrency.

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