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While 2K Games have changed the shooting meter within NBA 2K22 but they haven't altered the methods that 2K22 MT players can shoot in the game. There are two ways in which you can shoot the ball. One is via an Pro Stick (right joystick) or by pressing a specific button.

If you're playing on PlayStation you'll be using the Square button to shoot, while Xbox players will use the X button, and both consoles are also going to make use of the Right Joystick, or better dubbed the Pro Stick. The main difference between the two shooting techniques is how accurate each one is. The Pro Stick is going to provide more flexibility in comparison to Button shooting but it's also allows players to be more exact in making those perfect shots.

If you're a new player it is recommended to test Button shooting for the first little while because it will give you more chances in terms of winning than Pro Stick shooting, but experienced players of 2K series 2K series should go with the Pro Stick method instead. The shot meter that's new in NBA 2K22 is designed to determine the quality of your shots when playing an actual game. So, you won't need a large meter to get an exact shot if have two defenders on you at the point beyond which you can shoot, as opposed to a wide-open mid-range shot.

2K wants you to think smarter when you are pulling into a shot instead of relying upon your shot-making abilities to nba 2K22 mt buy take you through the end. This means that while the shot meter is going to look relatively the same as compared to the previous times, the gauge will shift according to the shooting quality.

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