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Players all know that Path of Exile: Scourge has added a lot of new content, which requires players to spend some time and thought or buy POE Currency to understand. But in the battle, some useful builds can often exert great strength and play a significant role in the game's development for players. Here is a build worthy of players’ consideration.

PoE 3.16 Pathfinder Poison Concoction. Poison Concoction is the new Path of Exile: one of the most popular skills in Scourge. Although players can enhance their strength through buy POE Orbs, one reason for si is because it seems to have a huge gain, as well as the chaos and AOE effects added through Master Toxicist, Nature’s Reprisal, and through active flasks in Pathfinder Some very nice scaling in the tree.

As for the players’ actual builds, they will need Chaos Mastery because it is one of the best parts of the PoE tree used for Chaos damage builds. You will get more withered strengths, better poison damage, and so on. They also need Flask Mastery, because Pathfinders naturally use many flasks to survive and amplify their damage. If players feel that this kind of damage is not enough, they can prepare some POE Items to increase their damage.

Although little is known about the 3.16 build, many people think it may be powerful. If players want to run Chaos damage themed poison build that is not Toxic Rain, then this might be for them. But this build is entirely speculative, it may be useful or it may develop strangely. For some players who want to explore and understand the mechanics of the game, they can Buy Chaos Orbs and try it.

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