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The most important thing in Path of Exile is build. A player with an excellent build can often play a huge role in the game. If a player has a strong build and has enough POE Currency, then he can often have an outstanding performance in battle. Here is a build that players can consider.

Minions is one of the simplest PoE league starter builds in the game. Although Skeletons was weakened in the 3.16 patch notes, it is still a viable self-starter. Players can also buy POE Currency to enhance the damage. This version of the privilege allows players to summon hordes of skeletons to obey their masters bidding, commanding skeletons, spectres and other spooky Halloween-themed creatures to deal with its enemies.

The main gem players hope to get is the Vaal Summon Skeleton. This skill summons groups of Skeleton Archers, Warriors and Mages, commanded by Skeleton General. This means that players want to enter Necromancy Ascendency, so that their minions can get higher health, damage, and other small welfare benefits.

In addition, players also need POE Items such as Midnight Bargain. Some practical weapons can increase the number of minions, minion damage, minion movement speed and other buffs. So players had better prepare some POE Orbs to buy weapons. As for other collaborative items and skills, players can even specify the Zealotry skill, as this will increase magic damage in proportion to Mages.

Players need some form of mana flask. Their Vaal summon skeletons are mana-intensive builds, which means mana maintenance is essential. This is the core of build. They can also buy POE Currency to get some powerful equipment, which are very helpful to build.

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