How should Path of Exile players prepare for the Scourge League? from YYJJJ's blog

The highly expected 3.16 Scourge League of PoE has been launched. Many players hope to try the game after their absence or for the first time and buy POE Currency to make themselves more relaxed in the game. Since this is a brand new league, it provides a comprehensive POE Currency reset and the opportunity to launch a new version. But players need to consider many aspects to become a good PoE Scourge League starter.

The first is the clarity of the build. If players want to complete the storyline gradually, then they definitely want to complete it as soon as possible, especially for some returning players, from which players may get some POE Currency or other rewards. In addition, when they pass the last game, they will want to clear the higher level Atlas Maps. Therefore, any clear build will be executed.

Players will need a build with good survivability and speed. They depend on the build the players are playing. Playing minion build does not require that much survivability, because they can use minions to repel enemies. Although, if players are running a close-range build, they will need survivability so that players will not be killed when approaching the enemy. So many players will also choose to buy POE Currency to get some equipment that can reduce damage.

Finally, players need a build that can compete with the boss. Although killing bosses is mainly a playstyle of final game construction, they require some boss damage. When players encounter biggest bads, they can still bear them. However, the player’s construction should not be able to assume the boss of the ultimate game. So players had better prepare enough POE Chaos Orb to improve their strength.

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