Path of Exile 3.16.0c patch brings bug fixes to the Scourge League from YYJJJ's blog

The highly expected Scourge League has been launched for some time, and players have already bought POE Currency in advance and have achieved excellent results in the game. However, there are also some errors and imbalances in the game. GGG released the 3.16.0c patch some time ago to fix these errors. Here is what players need to know.

Fixed a bug that caused Rare Breach Monsters to drop additional Currency POE Items or Divination Cards, and the Breachstone modifiers would not work properly.
Fixed a bug where Ballista Totems summoned by Ballista Totem Support received more damage than expected.
Fixed a bug that, even if the player is hit by this skill, they can complete the challenge that requires defeating the boss without being hit by a specific skill.
Fixed the bug that Bountiful Traps Prophecy could not be triggered.
Fixed a bug that could cause players’ map portals to disappear until they re-enter the hideout.
Fixed a bug that tier 14 and higher blighted maps dropped less oil than expected.
Fixed an error where Item Filters incorrectly assigned a BaseDefencePercentile value of 0 instead of 100 to Weapons and Jewellery.
Fixed an error where the Guardian’s Challenge Divination Card sold by Zana had no price.
Fixed an error where Mansion Contracts sold by Whakano had no price.

These can make the game more smooth and balanced, and the game experience of players will also be greatly improved. For some players who have not yet entered the game, it is best for them to buy POE Currency in advance to make themselves better to cope with the game and improve themselves quickly.

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