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While players are preparing for POE Currency and want to have an excellent performance in the game, there may be some errors in the natural disaster league. Some time ago, GGG released the Path of Exile 3.16.0c patch to make some improvements to the game, especially For Scourged Maps, and fixed some small and medium errors. Here are some improvements to Scourge.

Scourge items found in Maps are now always dropped as Scourged Tier 3, and Scourge items found in the second part of the campaign are now always dropped as Scourged Tier 2. because of the above changes, the number of Scourged items found in Maps has decreased, and the number of Scourged items found in Part 2 has also decreased slightly. This will cause more Scourged items that match the level of content players are executing.

The Exposed to Corruption debuff now provides a 2% increase in Quantity and Rarity of Items found from Scourge Monsters, and is no longer affected by the diminishing returns of the player’s standard Item Quantity and Rarity. Scourged Maps can no longer generate modifiers for Item Quantity, Item Rarity, Pack Size, and Experience. Existing maps with these modifiers will keep them and can be upgraded normally. Scourged Maps can still get +X Additional Item Types from the Rare Scourge Monsters modifier. Because of the lack of other modifiers, these modifiers have become more common, increasing the rewards of Scourged Maps. Players may get some POE Orbs from it.

The Scourged Map modifier that caused Rare Monsters to drop additional Currency Items now causes Rare Monsters to drop two additional Currency Items. All Tiers have reduced the amount of Corruption Absorbed required to convert the Map. The Scourged Map modifier, which makes Monsters in Nightmare suffer less damage, now has a value of 9% in Scourged Tier 1. This change will not affect existing projects with this modifier. If players want to hit higher damage, they can Buy Chaos Orbs to enhance themselves.

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