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On the official forum of World of Warcraft, a player once reported that various "Resist" talents in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic PVP did not work properly. Blizzard also commented on this at the time.

After the attentive player discovered this problem, he spent time on the official World of Warcraft forum and reported the TBC Classic Gold game bug he and other affected people found in Burning Crusade Classic. This error caused the character's spell resistance in PVP and various talents that are usually used to use spells to be more likely to hit the target.

This player, since the second stage of the spawning game, the talent in PVP has not been properly considered when it comes to whether the spell hits the target or whether it is blocked.

This also led to the wrong result, and the target character became better than before in their ability to resist spells in TBC. Therefore, in PVP, the above talents are of no use at all. This also means that in PVP, professions and specializations no longer have the advantage of relying on such talents and relying on such talents.

At that time, the community manager also made extensive comments on the error reports in the official forum. They said that during the development of the 2.5.2 patch for the game, the game team discovered a problem that caused the resistance effect of the talent to not Buy WOW TBC Gold work properly. In other words, the mortgage rate in the first phase of the latest update is only a little different from the resistance rate in the original patch 2.4.3.

In addition, they were in the process of fixing this error. It also checked how the "Resists" calculation was performed between the 1.12 and 2.4.3 patches.

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