Diablo 2 Resurrected: The release of the game still increased Blizzard’s revenue while Blizzard’s monthly active users fell from AnneBullock's blog

Although the release of Diablo 2 Resurrected increased revenue for Blizzard. But this well-known game publishing company seems to be in trouble recently, and Blizzard admitted in its latest quarterly results that their monthly active users have fallen again.

Blizzard’s total monthly active D2R Items users dropped by 13% year-on-year, and currently there are 26 million players left. Although they recently released the popular Diablo 2 Resurrected. Moreover, this number actually shows that Blizzard has reduced a total of about 1 million active users since May. Their active users have dropped by 3 million in total since the last quarter, when the number was 29 million.

On the bright side, Blizzard’s revenue increased by 22% year-on-year. This is mainly thanks to their launch of Diablo 2 Resurrected.

For the source of Blizzard’s loss of players, the answer seems to be World of Warcraft, although this conjecture is still uncertain. Because Blizzard usually does not list their active user data by game, they also do not have real-time statistics that can be used for games. But through the subreddits of the Warcraft community and some content on social media, you can feel that the popular FF14 seems to be the choice of many people.

However, many of Blizzard’s loyal fans should turn their attention to the mobile version of Diablo Immortal that will be released sometime in 2022.

Finally, the continuous impact of various reviews and lawsuits against Blizzard’s corporate culture, as well as allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, and "fraternity" work culture, is believed to be the reason why many players choose to leave Blizzard. In addition, Blizzard’s leadership is also undergoing changes. Their co-leader Jen Oneal resigned after only three months of work. The current Blizzard is led by Mike Ybarra alone.

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