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The New World MMO developed by Amazon is currently popular all over the world, which can be seen from the sales of each version of the game. As a development world game, players of any type can find their own fun in it. Players who like leisure can draw a day’s time for fishing, while New World Coins players who like to fight can challenge the companies of the rival faction together with their company partners and engage in a large-scale 50v50 battle. But before that, you'd better have a comprehensive understanding of the game content, otherwise some of the game knowledge you overlooked may get you into trouble.

The New World 'gem isn't compatible therewith item' error is causing plenty of annoyance for players in Amazon's MMO who just want to upgrade their weapons. New World gem compatibility isn't explained fine within the game, with players finding that the gems they've crafted to place in specific weapons aren't being allowed — with no real explanation. So is there a replacement World gem isn't compatible error fix or explanation?

The New World error 'gem isn't compatible thereupon item' is caused by attempting to equip a gem on a weapon with a distinct chain elemental damage effect. This basically means a weapon with lightning already built-in cannot have a gem added to that with Nature, Fire, or other elemental damage types. the sole gems the sport will allow to be attached to a weapon with a series ability are a few things with the identical element damage type or one with a basic non-elemental damage trait.

There is no specific fix for this issue because it could be a design choice, although the rationale the error is frustrating for players is that the message 'gem isn't compatible therewith item' is that the only information New World gives them — there's not a gem compatibility list in-game, they simply cannot equip the gem. therefore the short version is: if a weapon contains a chain damage power, like forked lightning, Fire, or Ice, then it can not be equipped with a gem with a special damage type. Bear this in mind before crafting gems to use on a selected weapon.

It's in no way the sole explanation that's lacking in New World, either. Here's everything players should fathom equipping swords and shields, and here's whether New World encompasses a minimap or not.

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