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With its simple concept and long learning curve, Rocket League is a very popular game that will require many hours to master.  After 50-100 hours of gameplay, the majority of people will hit a wall and have no idea how to improve or what they could be doing better.  Fortunately, I've compiled a list of 31 essential Rocket League items for sale tips to help you improve your performance and reach new heights!

Don't Stop Moving
The key to success in Rocket League is to be fast.  The majority of new players will stop and wait for the ball.  If you do this, you will lose all of your momentum and will be unable to react in a timely fashion.  Instead, go in a figure 8 pattern while you wait for the ball or if you aren't sure how a 50/50 will turn out.  This will allow you to maintain your speed and be able to respond quickly to whatever the outcome may be.

Recognize the Rotations
Rotations are essential for progressing through the ranks in Rocket League items Switch.  Because it is easier to rotate with people who you regularly play with, a general rule of thumb is to give your teammates some breathing room.  Consider the following scenario: the field is divided into nine equal squares.  If you don't want to be in the same square as your teammates, that's okay.  Watch this excellent video on rotations and how to execute them.

Make use of the Free Play option.
Free play is one of the most effective methods of improving your mechanics.  There are numerous ways to make use of free play, but the most important thing to remember is to simply hit the ball as hard as you possibly can, recover, and then keep hitting it.  You are not attempting to score here; instead, you are concentrating on getting strong hits, recovering, and maintaining control of the ball.

Make use of Training Packs and Workshop Maps to your advantage.
The use of user-created training packs and workshop maps (if you have Steam) may be the most effective method of improving a skill.  Training packs can be found by searching for them by code or by name.  I recommend that you practice these over and over again until you become proficient.  My favorite training packs and workshop maps are listed below:
The following are shots you shouldn't miss:42BF-686D-E047-574B (42BF-686D-E047-574B)
Shooting Consistency (4912-A5C9-9A56-555D): 4912-A5C9-9A56-555D
Dribbles from the wall and the ground to the air: 9D87-258C-3C05-6FA9.
The defensive backboard has the following numbers: 9F09-E4D3-EAB0-69AD.
Challenge #2 by French Fries (Steam Workshop): Dribbling.
Leth's Lethamyr's Giant Ring Map (Steam workshop)
Rings 2 by dmc (Steam Workshop) is a game about speed jumping.
Just a few training packs and workshop maps to get you started.  Choose a few and put them into action on a daily basis.  These aren't meant to be simple.  If you find that the workout is becoming less challenging, incorporate some air rolls or extra jumps into the mix.

Practise Making Quick Cuts
A cut is the ability to turn much more quickly than one would normally be able to turn.  This can be accomplished by simultaneously turning and tapping the powerslide button.  This will allow you to rotate back more quickly or take a shot that you didn't think would be available.  This is also useful for getting the ball on your car so that you can dribble with it later.

Lie back and enjoy the view.
It has been proven that if you remain calm and relaxed, you will perform better in all situations.  Don't let chit-chat, misses, or losses bring you down.  If you find yourself becoming frustrated or stressed, take a few minutes to practice some simple breathing exercises.
Breathing exercises can be learned from a variety of videos or apps.  Find one that you enjoy and use it whenever you are having trouble concentrating.

Conserve your Boost.
Boosting your conservation is essential for improving your overall performance.  With boost, you can accelerate quickly, fly higher in the air, and do a variety of other things.

Have you ever taken notice of the trails that appear behind your tires on occasion? That indicates that you are traveling at full speed.  As a result, any boost you use will be completely ineffective.  All movements that cause you to lose speed are turns, jumps, and climbing up a wall.  Also, if you don't have a boost, two diagonal rolls will quickly get you up to maximum speed.

Pickup Boost Pads are a type of booster pad that is used to increase the pickup power.
One major mindset to break is the belief that you always require 100 percent effort to complete any task.  People frequently choose to go for the boost orb rather than defend or take a follow-up shot.  In lieu of this, opt for the boost pads, which will refill 12% of your booster.  They are much easier to obtain, you can keep your rotation consistent, and with three pads, you can hit almost anything.

Jump twice as high as you normally would
You will need to double jump and boost at the same time in order to get up in the air quickly.  A good habit to get into is to press the boost button and the jump button at the same time while tilting the thumbstick back.  Allow yourself plenty of time to practice fast aerials, as you will backflip an incredible amount until you get the hang of them.

Save Your Second Jump for Last.
When you don't need to get into the air quickly or when the ball is easy to reach, save your second jump to use as a flip for a more powerful shot.  Once one of your tires has lifted off the ground, you have 1. 4 seconds to perform a flip or jump before the timer runs out.  When all four tires make contact with something solid, whether it's the ground, a ball, or even another car, the timer will reset.
You can even get creative and jump again right after you hit the ball to make it more "stick" to the ground, making it easier to begin an air dribble.  This is quite advanced, but it is something that the RLCS does on a regular basis.

Modify the settings on your camera.
The camera plays an important role in allowing you to see the field and controlling the ball.  The default settings, on the other hand, must be changed.  If you haven't already, here are some recommendations for changes you should make immediately.
Field of View: 110 degrees
Distance: 270 meters
100 centimeters tall
Angle: -4 degrees
Stiffness is measured in millimeters.
Shake of the camera is turned off.
Play around with the settings until you find the ones that work best for your playstyle.

Change the key bindings on your keyboard.
The default keybindings are pretty mediocre, and they should be changed to make things a little easier to navigate.  My personal preferences are listed below, but you should find bindings that you are comfortable with and stick with them.  To bind your buttons, there is no “right way” to go about it.  It is, however, much more difficult to switch once you have become accustomed to one set of headphones.  Here are my controls (they are for an Xbox or a Playstation):
Acceleration: RT/R2 (Real-Time/Real-Time/Real-Time).
B/O is the inverse of B/O.
L Thumb/L Thumb Steering
A/X is the jump key.
X/Square is a boosting technique.
LT/L2 Powerslide
L Thumb/L Thumb Air Steering
LT/L2 for the air roll
Y/Triangle camera for ball cam
Right Air Roll: RB/R1
One thing to keep in mind is that no matter what you choose for your bindings, it's very common to keep powerslide and air roll on the same button or trigger.

Defend from the back of the field
The back post is defined as the goal post that is furthest away from the ball.  For example, the ball is traveling toward your goal from the right side of the field.  The "back post" would be the edge of the goal on the left side.
In terms of defense, this is the quickest way to put yourself in a better position for a save.  It's impossible to stop a shot if you're playing near the post and the ball goes over your head.  When you are on the other side of the goal, you have significantly more time to react and make the save.  Make an effort to rotate back so that you are always at the back post before the opposing team shoots.

Learn the Fundamentals of Dribbling
Keep the ball on top of your car and guide it in the direction you want it to go is what dribbling is all about.  On the ground as well as in the air, this can be accomplished.  When dribbling, I find it easier to turn off the ball cam to help keep the camera steady.  Obviously, air dribbles are more difficult to master, but there are some excellent dribbling training packs available.
A467-E390-2000-9A7E (Air)
Ground: Free play (get the ball in your car and drive as far as you can with it)
Dribbling Challenge #2 by French Fries at the Steam Workshop
Be Conscious of Your Environment
It's easy to develop tunnel vision and concentrate solely on your vehicle.  Make it a habit to frequently scan the edges of the screen to get a sense of where your teammates and opponents are.  Soon, you'll be able to tell if you're the last one back for defense or if you need to pass to your teammates somewhere else.
Newer players have a tendency to just concentrate on the ball and chase it, believing that they should be the ones to hit it.  If you widen your field of vision, you will be able to see who is approaching you and decide whether you should go for it or get setup for a pass in less time.

Put Your Trust in Your Teammates
This may appear to be difficult, but you must place your trust in your teammates.  If you see them taking a shot or making a save, don't try to go for it yourself.  Instead, position yourself for a follow-up hit in the event that they miss.
There are few things more frustrating than making a double commitment on a ball.  So just be cautious and avoid becoming toxic if your teammate misses a simple shot.  There will be plenty of opportunities for another one later on.

Quick Chats are a good option.
Getting accustomed to using your quick chats can be extremely beneficial when communicating with random players.  I recommend including at least the phrases "I got it!" and "Take the shot," as well as "Faking," "Defending," and "Need Boost. "Make use of these on a consistent basis until they become second nature.  The ability to recall your quick conversations is probably the most useful skill to learn.

Demos are satisfactory to a certain extent
Many people believe that demoing someone is a waste of time and that it is not an essential part of the game.  That is entirely incorrect.  The use of demonstrations is a tactical way to take down a strong defense or turn the tide if you are unable to move the ball off your side of the field.
Make it a habit to turn off the ball cam and take out anyone in your immediate vicinity as you rotate.  If you've just set up a high center and you notice someone sitting in their goal, take them out!
Just don't go out of your way to demo someone who is half-way across the field.  This throws off your rotation and puts you in a bad position.

It is not necessary to be concerned about free styling until you become Grand Champion.
Squishy just made a sick air dribble into a half flip with a flip reset to score, and you were watching the RLCS at the time.  After that, you'll spend the next few hours learning how to score with panache.  I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but mastering the fundamentals is far more important than anything else.  In fact, free styling isn't even required until you're halfway through Grand Champion!
It's something I see over and over again.  After taking a nice hit off the wall, the opponent begins spinning their car in an attempt to land a fancy air dribble. . . and misses.  If you can master the fundamentals of hitting the ball accurately, controlling the ball where you want it, and getting good clears, the freestyling will come naturally.

Don't Allow Yourself to Be Toxic
As is true of any highly competitive game, there are a large number of toxic players and trolls in this one.  Don't be the person who constantly says, "What a Save!" when your teammate fails to make a simple save.  The only thing that will come of this is frustration on the part of the player, who will then miss more shots.
Instead, if you make a mistake, saying "No problem" or a quick "Sorry" or "My bad. . . " can help keep things calm.  It will also assist you in improving your performance in an attempt to make up for your mistake.

Make sure you practice your kickoffs.
Do not undervalue the importance of the kickoff.  Even if a goal is scored 10 seconds later, it can be attributed to a poor kickoff.  Players may be out of position, or the opposing team may be able to capitalize on a stagnant ball with a quick follow-up.
Kickoffs are best practiced in a duel (1v1) situation.  Don't get caught up in the rankings.  Concentrate solely on executing faster kickoffs and sending the ball in the direction you desire.  Here's a good video that shows three different kickoffs.

Make use of the Half-Flip
In order to turn around or recover from driving in reverse, the half flip is the most efficient method.  While driving backwards, you want to perform a back flip and then cancel it immediately by pressing the thumbstick up.  This will result in your car being turned upside down and facing the opposite direction.  All that's left is an air roll to get your wheels back on the road.
This appears to be simple, but it will require many hours of practice to master.  Driving from post to post in free play while only using half flips is a good way to get some practice in.

The ability to Powerslide When Landing Momentum is a significant feature in Rocket League.
If you have just completed an aerial shot or have been propelled into space, it is possible that you will not land in the proper direction to maintain your momentum.  You will come to a complete stop as a result of this.  Holding the powerslide button as you land can assist in maintaining some of your speed while you straighten out.

Warm-up with social matches is a must.
There is always a warmup before any sporting event.  Do you ever see soccer players run onto the field and square up to their opponent? No, not at all.  They warm up for about an hour with drills and practice kicks.  This is also true for cheap Rocket League credits.  Allow yourself at least 2 or 3 good social matches to warm up before jumping into the ranked queue.  It is also beneficial to perform some drills from your favorite training packs.

Reduce the amount of money you lose.
This is a difficult decision for someone who thrives on competition like myself.  Even if you've lost your last three or four games, you want to end your night with a victory.  Please do not do this.  Get rid of that way of thinking.  It's a no-go.
When playing ranked games, one of my favorite strategies is to pretend you have three lives.  With every defeat, you lose one life.  If you manage to win two games in a row, you will be awarded an extra life.  This can help you to drastically reduce your losses and prevent you from turning a bad night into a truly terrible one.

Learn how to work with the walls and ceiling.
Each standard Rocket League map is a giant rectangular cube with a spherical center.  This means that you can drive on the walls and on the ceiling (for a short period of time, before gravity pulls you back down).  When you become accustomed to driving on the walls to go for a ball, or when you realize that the ball is going to hit the ceiling, you can significantly improve your reaction time and help set up a difficult shot for your opponent to save.
Additionally, clearing balls from the top of the goal, or backboard, can be very effective.

Make Yourself At Ease in the Air
If you aren't confident in your ability to jump for the ball, work on it NOW! The ability to get into the air and hit the ball before it hits the ground is almost a requirement for progressing past gold rank.  You don't need to do any fancy air rolls or flip resets right now; simply getting in the air and getting a decent shot off will be enough to get you to the top of the rankings.

To get used to flying in the air, it is common practice to enter free play and hover around the ball.  It must be circled several times without collapsing or striking the ground or walls.  When you first start out, you can expect to hit the ground quite a bit.  Add some air rolls in after you've gotten comfortable.  Next, flip your car in a variety of directions and try to recover while also circling the ball in your path.  You will notice a significant improvement in your aerial accuracy after only 10-15 minutes of practice per day.

Take a break from your work.
Taking frequent breaks will assist you in keeping your mind feeling refreshed, calm, and organized.  A good strategy that I employ is to pretend that you are playing a best of five series.  After you've earned your three victories (or three losses), you should take a 5-10 minute break.  Take advantage of this opportunity to grab a quick snack, use the restroom, or simply enjoy something in nature.
If you repeat that cycle four times, try to take a longer break to unwind, such as a 30-minute break.

Observational Replays
While it may not seem like the most exciting thing to do, it is most likely the most beneficial tip to remember.  Every time you play, make a backup of about 3 or 4 replays.  Then, when you have the opportunity, go back and watch them all.  Try to concentrate on the ten seconds that remain before you are scored on.

What exactly transpired? Is it possible that the rotation was off? Is there any way you could have returned sooner? Is there a pattern to this? These are the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself.  Don't be concerned about what your teammates did; you have no control over it.  Concentrate on what YOU have control over.

Gameplay at a High Level to Watch
Watching the buy Rocket League credits Championship Series or some professional Rocket League players on Twitch, you will pick up some techniques.  These guys are the best of the best, and you should try to pay attention to whatever it is that they are up to as well.
If you spend about 15-20 minutes before playing to watch some high-speed gameplay, your mind will become accustomed to the fast-paced action.  When you first start playing, you will notice that (unless you are among the top 1% of players) everything appears to be moving more slowly and that you are more responsive.

Remove any items that are a distraction from your car.
As cool as it may be to sport a gleaming new car topper or a set of flashy wheels, it can also make it difficult to focus on getting the right hit.  Toppers and antennae, in particular, can deceive you into believing that your car's hitbox is larger than it actually is.  Many experienced players use the basic setup, which does not include toppers or antennae.  There is a reason for this.  It is still possible to construct a visually appealing automobile without the use of all of these glitzy accessories.
It may appear to be a bit overwhelming to learn everything at once after reading all of these suggestions.  Instead, concentrate on two or three things until you feel you have mastered them.  Then come back and choose another 2 or 3 numbers.  I guarantee that if you follow these suggestions, your ranking will improve significantly.

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