COVID-19 was a factor that made the assessment from Megaomgchen's blog

COVID-19 was a factor that 2K22 MT made the assessment more challenging than anticipated. Important scouting events such as the NCAA March Madness Tournament or the scrimmages held at the NBA draft combine are vital. Both were cancelled this year, which made the situation more complicated.

Stauffer stated that ratings are usually based on statistics recorded in college or at a foreign. Stauffer said that, as with front office personnel, developers are exposed to lots of footage from games and study in-depth breakdowns to ensure that everything is as precise as they can. The developers can examine the percent of field goals from every area on the floor to determine the strengths and weaknesses. Blocks and steals work pretty well, too.

After all is said and done He admits that the strategy has some flaws obvious. For instance, there is always going to be information that statistics can't answer regardless of whether it's because of defensive schemes or otherwise. Stauffer claims that it is the intention of everyone in the roster to be given an established formula for their ratings.

Stauffer said "We are working to Buy NBA 2K22 MT Coins make the ratings as exact as possible , without having all the information the majority of us do." "We want to ensure that the ratings are as accurate as possible , without having the complete picture as we usually do."One misconception is that the "shipped ratings" that a player gets after the season has begun are not finalized. This is how it was on older consoles when players bought an disc from the local store.

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