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Although 500 dps seems too low for a single boss, they must WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold still be at or above 1k, if they're given similar conditions (fast killing times, efficient buffs) If they are equipped with any gear.

As a wild tank I'm on the average of 400-500 DPS. Wearing the dorky level 40 hat, you should be in a better cat form. If not, then what the other person has said is the right thing to do, just tank.

Feral tanks are able to swap DPS to item rack and tank DPS cats can benefit from it at a whim. The difference in skills between tanks and the top DPS cat is only one or two points. It's not worth focusing on the wild DPS.

It's true, there is a benefit to having. Personally, I am relaxed and wouldn't want to be at 500-600 DPS when I was in the same group. This is just a way of pointing out the fact that tanking can be a huge advantage.

My problem is that I'm not able to complete the full range of mobs because the hunter/mage/lock is cleaving every single thing ..... In raids, my overall dps is far, far higher. although it's not quite as the same as pure DPS, obviously, but not that low. It's not as bad as in dungeons.

It's normalto not beat AOE, which I'm sure you know. Nowadays, everyone compares everything to the top parsing circle jerks out there which is why it's irrelevant. You can do fine DPS on bosses as well as switch to DPS more efficiently than other tanks. The majority of people speak BiS and Parse within the mainstream today 10 seconds longer an encounter made easier by utility is too excessive for them.

Feral can refuse to bear any animal, which is very an act of troll. They have the their crit buff, and they can even innervate. Rogue is only useful when they are the only raider with decent IEA uptime.

Guild is in need of me as Boomkin currently and into the foreseeable future, so I'm trying to piece together my Boomie set (was mostly focused on Resto prior to that and the set was pretty close to where I wanted it to be). The set I have is built from heroic drops, raid discards badge purchases and reputation purchase. I have this feeling regarding H SP. The other groups are "EYE RESERVED". Yes, I recognize that cheap WOW TBC Gold I'm late, but it's not likely that I will ever get there at this rate.

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