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Everyone should know that Path of Exile is full of many complicated mechanisms. As players travel through Wraeclast, they may encounter corrupted gems. Players who see them for the first time may be confused by these unique gems. They can POE Currency Buy to get some items, but it may not be common for these gems.

These special gems can be found or destroyed by themselves. If players want to know if it is damaged, just check the description that appears when hovering the mouse over it. Players can see all the information about gems in this panel. If it is corrupted, players can see the bright red letters and the word "corrupted" in the bright red letters. Many players may have a certain understanding of POE Orbs, but they may not know these unique gems.

What is a corrupted gem? Corrupted gems are essentially gems with modifiers that can improve their quality and strength. As mentioned above, the description panel of the gem will display "corrupted". If the gem has been corrupted, players will not be able to use the synthetic ball to further modify it, except for items that modify slots and slot links. Generally speaking, corrupted gems are better than non-corrupted counterparts. Corrupted gems can be made or discovered. If players destroy the gems themselves, what will happen?

Use Vaal Orb to corrode gems. Nothing happened, but the gem still has a description of "corrupted". +1 gem level. -1 gem level. +10% mass (the upper limit is 23%). -10% quality. The gem skill becomes the Vaal version. As players have seen, using Vaal Orb involves some risks. But if you use other POE Currency, you need to try it yourself. If players want to destroy a gem that causes damage based on its level, then they will have the opportunity to substantially reduce the amount of damage it causes.

After damaging the gem, players will not be able to cancel the damage to it. This means that if players intend to damage a frequently used gem, they should consider it carefully. If players receive a negative correction, they will not be able to undo this action. In general, if players want to know more about the various items in the game, then they'd better buy POE Currency to improve themselves and strengthen their understanding of the game.

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