Having been fueledAnimal Crossing: New Horizons became a popular destination for major events in the years 2020 and 2021, largely as a result of pandemic restrictions. Protests, political campaigns, and celebrity talk shows all took place in the background of the game's seasonal events as well. However, when putting together its exhibition on the stories of New Horizon players, the National Videogame Museum discovered that people were sharing things that were much more personal than they had previously thought.

It was in December that the Museum issued a call for entries, which they closed a few months later in order to preserve a record of the game's first year. In the words of Claire Mead, program and collections manager, "it all started with that perfect storm of the game being released coincidentally at the same time that many countries either went into lockdown or adopted social distancing measures."In order to collect these stories, the project's creators want to focus on the way in which different players have been able to shape their experience of the game rather than on the game itself.

Occasionally, these occurrences were linked to events taking place in the outside world. Aside from that, the museum's timeline of Animal Crossing stories is also full of people who are trying to inject a little bit of novelty into the monotony of pandemic life. It is mentioned that Nintendo South Wales (fans who are not affiliated with the company) organized a "shutterbug off" event that took advantage of the game's photography mechanics as well as the abundance of natural resources. One of the highlights of the event's exhibition page is a video that showcases many of the photographs taken by the club's members.

In addition to using a timeline of the game's first year to highlight moments like these, the website includes a "random" button that allows users to jump into more of the diaries at their leisure. However, in order to allow visitors to the (virtual) exhibition to explore in a more structured manner, the museum's curatorial team discovered that entries fell into several broad categories, including maintaining a routine, creating your space, representing yourself, sharing creativity, and staying connected. It is possible to get a true sense of the many different ways people have interacted with the game by browsing through each of the sections. Using the built-in fashion designing mechanics, for example, or using the game to create poetry or podcasts, all fall under the category of sharing creativity, as does the shutterbug-off.

Moreover, the themes are intended to make the exhibition understandable to people who may not have previously played New Horizons, or who may not have ever played video games in general. Getting people who do not play Animal Crossing to approach those themes and understand how the game assisted them was a major priority for us. Additionally, they should question their preconceived notions of what a game is in the first place.”

The exhibition, which focuses on players' experiences during the first year of the game, is still accepting submissions for potential future showcases. Mead has identified a number of potential avenues that she would be interested in exploring, such as inclusivity, that she would like to pursue.

According to her, “there have been a lot of really interesting conversations about skin tone in the game... as well as gender inclusion and simply having gender neutral options in the English version.”The museum should, however, look critically at some topics that interest her, such as the presence of brands and political parties in the game, as well as its reflection of colonialism, which she would like to see explored critically. In terms of optics, arriving on a deserted island or traveling to other islands and completely looting them for resources is a fascinating concept. That was definitely an example of recognizing that that is a massive subject in and of itself that necessitates proper consultation and just proper creative collaboration to fully explore. Consequently, I believe that the sky is the limit in terms of where Cheap Animal Crossing Items could take us.

The pandemic is still ongoing, but there is a distinct sense that things are very different now than they were during New Horizon's first year of operation.“I think it will be very interesting, actually, to see how people's experiences with the game evolve and shift over time,” Mead says of the upcoming changes. However, even if there are fewer worldwide lockdowns, the stories collected by the museum demonstrate that the game will continue to be a source of relaxation and enjoyment for many people.

Clarke refers to an entry by Lisa Walker, who was diagnosed with the chronic health condition myalgic encephalomyelitis (M. E., also known as chronic fatigue syndrome) in 2019.  Lisa Walker was diagnosed with the chronic health condition myalgic encephalomyelitis (M. E.) in 2019. A lot of the themes that came up in other people's stories are echoed by her own: getting away to the great outdoors, developing a daily routine, and being able to participate in events like New Year's Eve from the comfort of one's own home. But she is also aware that as the lockdowns are lifted, she will not be one of the people who completely abandons their New Horizons lives in favor of physical exploration.

According to the diary entry, “I hope that the Covid-19 pandemic will be more under control; that people will be able to return to their normal lives and that the lockdowns will be lifted.”“I imagine that some of the Animal Crossing islands will become deserted once more; however, as one of the many people who suffer from M. E., I am confident that my island life will continue.”

This, in Clarke's opinion, demonstrated the possibility of continuing to collect stories even after New Horizons is no longer connected to the pandemic itself.“The stories we're collecting are much more universal than that,” says the researcher.

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