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Madden fans believe that presentation is key. EA hasn't given players the ability to alter the setting of the game, or make the games look more realistic, despite the superior graphics. The lines on Madden nfl 22 coins the side can appear rather bizarre with oddly form-fitting football pads performing the same three or four animations, over and over. The crowd has the same habit of acting the same consistently. It would be interesting to see the crowd move more within the stadium, or at least create movement.

It is beyond time to enhance the Super Bowl video game. While the announcers make the game more exciting by showing the magnitude of this juggernaut game is in the lead-up to the game, the game itself never feels like an actual Super Bowl. The lack of high-quality presentations and some of the overall Super Bowl aesthetics like the logo and patches leaving much to be desired makes it feel like a glorified exhibition match rather than one of the most significant games of the player character's life.

The Madden games the story mode, Face of the Franchise, is among the most intriguing new features. Although the game has brought several interesting concepts over the years, it is yet to fully realize its full potential.

The latest version added the capability for players to make characters and play at both high school and college levels. It may even be better as it allows players to play the full season at lower levels before moving into Franchise mode which is basically exactly the same, with more story.

Just a couple of weeks ago Franchise Mode's engine for scenario play was first introduced to players. It was not a huge hit among players' fans. Many felt like it was just "boosts" disguised as crucial decisions that could impact the future of a player. Incorporating scenarios that players will need to consider can be a great feature , if it is implemented properly. Rather than focus on rewarding players with stat perks, have it be the case that the decisions affect how the season will play out. For instance, how a player may cope with a reduced workload or recovering from an injury to become well.

It is strange that offensive and defensive coordinators have not been the main subject of the team for a while. It would be fantastic to have three great coaches on the same team. Franchise Mode is known for hiring coaches who aren't involved with the league. It would be more pleasant to let random players get assignments as coordinators and in the event that they are successful, to elevate them to cheap Mut 22 coins head coach level. It would be a lot better than being randomly chosen to take over the franchise with no experience.

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