They are a bunch of really ignorant rose-colored glasses from Weiweismart's blog

This is mostly because things in TBC are more balanced and come with numerous options for each slot. Vanilla equipment is not WOW TBC Gold as memorable than TBC. However, people will still remember broken items such as HoJ Reju gemstones and edgemasters that are superior to any other item that is slot-specific.

It's more complicated than being able to say "they didn't know what they were doing when they were in the past." they intentionally made crappy items of high-level, as well as the low-level and end game bis items that were based on a situation (based on the encounter and gearing options you have available and your game plan) which allowed players to make "fun" as well as rewarding choices.

Classic was well-known for its ability to min-max years of knowledge about pservers and the most brilliant theorycrafters, Sims taught us that a lot of the "bis gearing options" depended on how long your guild encounters were and on the specific times. Think of trinket swaps, threat vs mit, resistance to fire and frost, etc. Also, numerous trash skips and encounters with naxx were enhanced by niche devices like the major recombobulator and smokey's lighter the bolt of Ramstein, and some cool stopwatches, a nifty gnomish concealing device and electromagnetic gigaflux activator.

They are a bunch of really ignorant rose-colored glasses. Each of the items you've listed has its place. But, it's not the same with saying that having 40-something BoE gloves being BiS the right and prudent selection of design.

To force every warrior into leather in order to deal competitive damage is in no way a good "item design". It's even evident that Blizzard acknowledged that as well since they rethought that in the course of AQ and Naxx.

Transmogs are one of the reasons I don't like they are why I hate them. If everyone has a similar fashion statement going on, it loses charm. It's so fun to run through Tauren Druids wearing full moon buy WOW TBC Classic Gold cloth. It's funny but you know that mfer is a badass.

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