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There are many kinds of orbs in Path of Exile. But there are also many rare orbs, some of them are expensive, and some are very useful. In addition to buy POE Currency, players also have a strong demand for these rare orbs. Here are several rare orbs and what they can do.

Maven's orb. Maven's Orb is more expensive than Awakener's Orb. It was dropped by The Maven himself, one of Atlas' final bosses. Before that, players still need to complete her challenge. Players can POE Currency Buy to enhance their own strength and easily complete the challenge. This is why Maven's Orb requires about 2,800 Chaos Orb to be purchased through transaction. Maven's Orb is perfect for those who want to perfect the items affected by it. It is mainly used to upgrade the modifiers of the affected armor.

Mirror Shard. Mirror fragments are not spheres, so they have no inherent value. At most, they are actually used for stacking until players have enough of them (20) to become Kalandra's mirrors, which will be described in detail later. Currently, their cost is approximately 5,500 Chaos Orbs. If players manage to find some of them, they can use them to retire in Path of Exile. However, they can only be dropped from the Pioneers or obtained from a map with the flag of the Pioneer Alliance. So players will buy POE Currency to get it.

Mirror Of Kalandra. As for the rarest POE Currency in the game, it is the Mirror of Calandra. Although it is rare, it is also very useful. Players can use it to create an exact copy of an item, although it will be marked as a copy and cannot be modified further. Players can obtain it through mirrored fragments or divination cards. It is worth more than 100,000 Chaos Orb, although theoretically it is easier to obtain than Eternal Orb. But players need more POE Currency to get it.

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