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In Elder Scrolls Online, players not only need to be careful to avoid powerful bosses wandering in some areas, but also need to avoid some enemy players. If you really need to fight, if you want to defeat the enemy easily, you need to use ESO Gold to improve your strength. Although ESO allows players to buy ESO Gold to get some powerful equipment and weapons, there are some very useful potions.

Essence Of Invisibility. Ingredients: Lorkhan's Tears, Blue Enteloma, Namira's Rot, Mountain Flower OR Luminous Russula. This kind of potion desperately wants to escape from the enemy player. It provides invisibility, but also allows the player to escape, similar to the way a vampire can escape while sneaking. It also provides Major Fortitude, which will increase the health recovery of drinkers. If the player uses this potion to escape, they don't have to worry too much about their health. They can focus on keeping a distance between themselves and the enemy player.

Essence Of Speed. Ingredients: Lorkhan's Tears, Blessed Thistle, Mountain Flower, Namira's Rot. This potion is suitable for players who want to get the Elder Scrolls. This mixture will increase the player's movement speed, allowing them to run and sprint faster than usual. When picking up the Elder Scrolls, players will not be able to use some mounts purchased with ESO Gold to run, and must rely on the innate speed of the cartoon. Using this potion will give players motivation and make the journey back to the fort or castle shorter. This potion is suitable for any body type. Stamina DPS itself can already move fast, but this potion will greatly increase their speed.

Essence Of Heroism. Ingredients: Lorkhan's Tears, Dragon Rheum, Dragon's Bile, Dragon's Blood. For players who want to acquire ultimate skills faster, this potion is suitable for any character in the game. Ultimate skills can change the rules of the game for players and their teams, so the sooner players acquire ultimate skills, the better. Bombers need it because they are usually built around the ultimate ability to cause significant damage to the team. Any DPS needs it to consume the enemy's health as quickly as possible. This potion is good for every player. For those who feel that they need to acquire ultimate skills faster, this potion is worth making. Of course, players can also buy Cheap ESO Gold to quickly improve their skills. At the same time, ESO Gold can also be used to purchase some of the scarce resources needed to make potions.

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