In all honesty I was very satisfied with RS from Bestmengqin's blog

After agitation by death I headed to RuneScape Gold the barrows to look over the prices. I was not thrilled by how many times they shuffled. But, I was of the opinion that many of them had exchanged their value so that I could make the same amount of money as two years before.

I quit right away after I had 94 magic which is why I decided to try it.I went on 13 trips to obtain a Dharok helm. I only remembered that it was five miles away from analyzing GE, so my initial reaction was "WTF?" 

But I had only 3m total items when I got it because I was wasting time in pvp worlds and so I spent the cash on random things and chose to do the thing I enjoyed the most: one iteming. I was actually capable of making 1.5m more statuettes and this made me more efficient.

The community still sucks, so I'm not coming to the table. Don't be a jerk to serious PKers. It's a waste of use of my salmon and four casts of ice blast. I played RuneScapeHD the next time, and was not impressed. The menus on RSHD are somewhat complicated and hard to navigate. 

Jagex did a great work on the graphics however the interface appears to have been thrown together by the programmers. I also bought a second dharok helm to test RSHD in barrows. So now I've got random stuff and 11 mil in my account. It's not much, but still not as good as my previous version.

In all honesty I was very satisfied with RS. There were a few things that I did not attempt, but I think that the game has evolved to be even better. Jagex, don’t delete my account. I might return in Cheap OSRS Gold a few years. Discuss changes to RS since the summer of 2007.

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By Bestmengqin
Added Aug 11 '21



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