The boost mostly becomes an issue because bots will probably use it from Megaomgchen's blog

The boost mostly becomes an issue because bots will probably use it, causing even more of  WOW TBC Classic Gold an issue with bots. If bots could be controlled by a system, boosts isn't an issue. My friends and I return to classic because we like TBC. They are only joining because they can increase beyond the vanilla content.

All our characters exist in Classic already. They definitely don't want to waste time for anyone who is planning to TBC. All characters will be copied before launch. TBC will change the "active bit" on the TBC database to true and the Classic bit to false when you choose TBC. Then , you pay them $35 to flip that Classic bit back.

Ion discussed retail WoW. There are no servers, however, there is a massive server that lets you play with any player within your region. The game is balanced, though Alliance tends to have more skilled players than Horde.
It's not balanced for the real gamers. Perhaps it's balanced by the how many characters have been created, but it's trivial to test. Log into your account to see M+ keys or pug raids. I'm playing max level characters of both factions. The level of skill is quite different, but it's more difficult to gauge objectively and probably a result of everybody who is interested in having a serious time rerolling for the horde.

There are those who defend Blizzard due to buy Burning Crusade Classic Gold this kind of nonsense. They use weak arguments, such as "if players would like Horde, that's how it's going to be, it's impossible to stop people from playing Horde", when in reality that's very possible.

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