It's hard to believe, since it's only possible for pvp servers from Megaomgchen's blog

And "I want to WOW TBC Classic Gold play with my friends" is a very good argument because again the problem is not the individual server population at the moment and this is mostly affecting open world pvp, but rather the balance of the battleground population and motivation to participate in those. This is especially problematic because each region is balanced and within a battlegroup with its own, but still has queue times that are 4-5 times higher than the alliance.

It's an untruth. In the beginning, Blizzard devs admitted that not fixing imbalance in racials was a mistake. This was even prior to that Every Man For Himself impressively demonstrated this, and the our current situation is the direct consequence of this that all players - particularly Horde players - has seen appearing from far away. Casual pve players on pve servers are the only ones to aren't concerned about diversity in racial groups.

It's hard to believe, since it's only possible for pvp servers to be heavily favored by Horde across every region. Blood elves are 1. "pretty" 2. Horde, in which they don't require fighting against racials. have better racials for PVP over Draenei and their Alliance counterpart. People will of course play them. Their objective was to tilt population towards horde by design and they were the main reason paladins got buffed significantly in the beginning of vanilla TBC and shamans also got nerfed.

Today, racial distinctions are not that important except if you're maximising to gain the 0.5% advantage. It's likely referring to the fact that alliance players feel like they're constantly shafted in the legends (taking more losses than Horde and other players).

A large portion of the players are also horde, as cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold is the majority of the biggest guilds for raiding are (unless you're oceanic which weirdly isn't the case).

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