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The public had the chance to exchange short queue times for a long time. But they didn't. They didn't make use of WOW TBC Gold the transfer servers that are free. This isn't shocking to me since most people pick their side or friends. It's hard to alter this.

It's not a great argument to have balanced servers or a Bg pool. Changes to the faction system would allow players to join with their friends in alliances instead of horde.

Transferring servers isn't simple. It's impossible to tell which server is better or worse than your own. Vanilla was the first time I've seen this occur. My guild relocated to a different server and the number of players decreased to just a few hundred during peak hours.

While it's true that there has never been any chance to switch characters with their characters however, they could have done so in the event that they thought the lines were too long.

The arguments against server transfers are also applicable to switching sides. It's impossible to determine how many people is able to handle long-term raiding , or any other type of content. While there may be a quicker waiting time, you will not be able to complete every kara raid in several months. Although it's the same server, each of the sides has a different growth rate and mentality of players. Side transfers can help solve the issue of waiting time and other issues.

The idea "I would like to play with my buddies" is a valid one. But the problem isn't with player population, as it mainly impacts open-world pvp, but the overall balance of battlegrounds and the incentive to participate in the battlegrounds. This is particularly problematic since every region is balanced and within a battlegroup that has its ownbattlegroup, yet is experiencing queue times that are about 4-5 times more than the overall alliance.

This is a total lie. The original Blizzard developers acknowledged that not addressing the racial imbalance was an error. Every Man For Himself is one of the Horde player, proved this. PVE players who are casual on servers are the only players who aren't concerned about diversity in racial groups.

It's hard to believe, since it's only possible for servers that pvp be heavily favored by the horde across every region. 1. Blood Elves. "Pretty" 2. Horde, in which you don't have to battle other buy WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold races of the op race 3. They have better racials than Draenei (their Alliance counterpart). They'll be played by people of the Ofc. They were designed to shift the populace towards the horde.

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