You can build an fishing boat as low as 20 from Weiweismart's blog

Redmonke suggested that this skill requires a cape. I was thinking that it could display a photo of a cape, with an sailor and RS gold a boat behind. The message is: You get on an inflatable ship, and then take off on land. It's an easy concept however it could be quite entertaining. Girfaniam recommended Fishing Boats. I'm adding this suggestion to his.

You can build an fishing boat as low as 20. It is a tiny wooden rowboat. The fishing boat will become bigger as you increase your level. The ship will also permit you to travel on the port side only (unless you are in possession of weapon implacments). Fly fish or use standard fishing rods. It is also possible to go fishing using this experience. Fishing for food is a possibility when you're out of food. You could also visit the nearest port.

Many people have suggested and also as seen in other forums the quest will be needed. Here's my pathetic and fabricated quest. My Sailor's Journey: Quest! The difficulty is easy. Length: Medium. Requirements: Food that is good armor, a fishing rod. You must be able to take on the level 200 Sea Serpent using only range mage, cannons or catapults. You must finish Pirate's Treasure Quest.

Walkthrough The option is to begin A Sailor's Life! The quest begins in Port Sarim, the largest port in Runescape. Speak to the Trader Stan to find out how to build similar ships to his. You'll be amazed by the customized ships he has constructed. If you ask him about it you can get his ship, he says the items must be returned to him. Redbeard Frank's Priate Hook is the very first item you'll need. Also, a Jug of wine, Karajama Rum 5k and an Asgarnian Ale are also needed. Also, you will require an peg leg.

Redbeard Frank is happy to hook you up. Redbeard Frank will inform you that you need to find Emily an appointment at the Rising Sun Tavern. Emily is found crying in the Tavern. If you ask her what's wrong, she tells you that she'll have to shut down the restaurant because she isn't getting enough business. She says she requires 5 000 GP in buy RuneScape gold order to keep the place open. She claims she'd be willing to meet with Redbeard Frank if she offered 5 bucks. Redbeard Frank will notify her that she has to be able to pay the $5k. After that, he'll give you the hook.

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