I remember in Legion when I had this thought from Megaomgchen's blog

It's not only classes, it's everything. Could you imagine how boring it must be to work on crafting? Gotta create that WOW TBC Classic Gold fresh healthier portion with the new peace bloom and the new vial. What's it gonna look like? Oh it is a red jar with some gold shit onto it or something.

I remember in Legion when I had this thought. Two months to Legion I was playing together after the narrative in Legion and suddenly to continue a questline I had to do a mythic dungeon of a particular difficulty. It was not supposed to be a casual encounter.

It sucks because I remember when they implemented raid finder as a means of generating lower difficulty content so people could experience the story without needing to be more of a'hardcore' participant. Suddenly fundamental outdoor quests required competitive content.

It was an un-ashamed, intentionally made measure meant to stop my progression in experiencing the story. I got it done after two days of trying while doing other things, but two weeks later I stopped logging in and have not looked back since.

Once I perished in Torgast due to a random assassin debuff thing that I logged out for the last moment. All this anger to just get 10 min of narrative. It is better for my mental health to cheap WOW TBC Gold just watch some YouTube outline or walkthrough. WoW just isn't something for a casual like me.

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