The most important aspects of die casting aluminum alloys in the manufacturing and production process from Xavier Gresham's blog

Because aluminum is a relatively soft material, it is easy to cause top damage, crushing, scratching, and deformation during die casting production. This is especially true for aluminum alloys. In addition to the requirements for the mold, the following items must be completed during the die casting production process:

1.To properly punch aluminum parts and reduce the defect rate, you must first implement 5S, particularly cleaning. This includes molds, the punching table, and the assembly line, as well as packaging materials that are free of sharp debris, dirt, and rectification that is regular and clear. Mold must be thoroughly cleaned up and down, with no debris left behind.

2. If the product burr is found to be excessively large, it must be returned to the mold for repair as soon as possible, with a follow-up to determine the outcome.

3. When aluminum parts are stacked together, they are easily heated up and become hard to the touch. As a result, when punching and cutting, it is necessary to first apply a small amount of pressure plate oil to the material (which can dissipate heat and allow the blanking to be dredged smoothly) and then press.

4.To ensure that the mold and product are always clean and free of debris and to reduce top damage, you should clean the mold's surface more frequently for products with more punching holes. Upon discovery of the top damage, the source of the top damage of the mold must be identified and resolved prior to proceeding. a thing to produce

5.The mold and the push block will produce aluminum chips during the flattening process; therefore, the aluminum chips under the push block must be cleaned every day following the production of the push block.

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