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Dawn of the Awakening. Quests include: While Guthix sleeps, the goblin quest idea I thought of in the past, Ghostly Robes MiniQuest, all the other quests will have been done anyways. Skills: 65 Slayer all the RS gold skills you need from the required quests, any other skills I may have missed in the quests that you'll need to do.

Briefing for the opening: Lucien has acquired not only the Staff of Armadyl, but the Stone of Jas as well. War is certain to be imminent. The only person who could have any knowledge about the Stone of Jas fled the caves below Lumbridge after he helped Lucien obtain the Stone. The Red Axe Corporation has returned to Keldagrim and has refused to speak of their absense, and King Narnode is becoming more concerned about the threat of Arposandra. Questions blaze: what is Lucien will do and where is Movario, why did Glouphrie the Untrusted kill Argento before he fled some time ago, and what does the Drunken Dwarf's claims about Dragons have to have to do with the Red Axe? The King Black Dragon will answer your question.

Speak to Commander Veldaban in Keldagrim and you'll find out that the Red Axe is now available. To learn more it is necessary to join the Consortium again. Speak to the Giant Dwarf company executive and propose to work for them. When you return you will be greeted by the Red Axe will inform you that they've just bought your contract. They are now your employer. It is your responsibility to speak to Hreidmar, your new boss. Perform a task for him, and you'll be fired in the near future.

Make use of your stealthy skills to locate them. Be sure to follow them, but don't go too close or Colonel Grimmson will catch you. Stay at least 5 squares behind them. Once they have entered Hreidmar's residence check the windows to see the way they're being contacted. The figure will appear and tell they meet at "the address". The boatman will lead them there. Before you can stow away on the boat, you may want some gear for combat and food, this is gonna be ugly, I swear.

Head over to go to Dwarven Bootman. Instead of speaking to him, you can stow away aboard the ship and the Red Axe members will tell the boatman that they're giving an adamant bar load to "them". In a short time, you will be taken to a cave down the river from Keldagrim that only the Red Axe know about. Keep an eye out for when you see the Red Axe members advance to the next room before reemerging from the ship. You do not want to be aware of what happens if you get trapped.

Once they've left then go to the doorway to look for traps. After disabling the traps walk through the door and look up at the balcony. You'll see three Dragonkin below One of them is named: Wyvoch. Wyvoch is one of the Kin you saw after While Guthix sleeps. The buy OSRS gold Red Axe members will enter. They're allies. But, why do the Dragonkin prefer allies that are unfeeling businessmen with such economic power that they are able to flagrantly violate the law or create recessions without warning? That is a question I believe answers itself. The conversation continues:

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