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The Felt Baby Mobile offers you years of satisfaction and durability. It is created from the highest quality polyester woven fabric, guaranteed to stand up to wash and wear. It is available in numerous trendy colors including neon pink, lime green, orange, lime blue, fuchsia, teal, and hunter green. You'll love the softness and the great choice of colors. You'll love the fun designs that are available such as animals, cartoon characters, and the logo of your favorite team or sports team.

The Felt Baby Mobile is constructed of a heavy duty, durable sewing machine stitch, sturdy sun pieces, durable stitching boxes, and zippered handles. This makes it easy to work with because the sun pieces, stitched together in sets to create a sturdy base for the larger embroidery thread, stay steady no matter how much you move. The stitching boxes come in several colors, sizes, and widths to match your design needs and provide a rich look complete with accents. If you've already decided on the look you want for the cover, then you can work with this kit to create your pattern and design.Custom Needle felted animals

The front cover is a solid color, while the sides and back are available in various colors, and each side has an accent color, so it's fun to coordinate the mobile to your existing wardrobe. You can use the Felt Baby Mobile as a stand alone cover, or you can choose to add a matching cover to the other pieces. For example, if you want a more subtle look with a solid color on the front, and an accent on the side that matches your color scheme, then sew the cloud pieces together like a puzzle to create a more intricate look, then attach the cloud pieces with matching sewing thread. Then attach the rest of your fabric to the crochet way. This will give your entire outfit that elegant touch.

The Back and Inside Pieces: Two coordinating panels of your choice will be needed for this section. Using your Felt Baby Mobile and some coordinating cotton fabric, draw a straight line down the inside of the panel, leaving a three-inch allowance at the top. Then, using a whip stitch, sew together, taking care to attach the panels to one another at the corner, using a similar fabric as the inner cover to ensure they don't unravel. Secure with a piece of ribbon, and you have a simple, but beautiful, quilt.

The Sun Pieces: Next, make a single pieced sun piece out of your remaining fabric. Use a coordinating color of Felt cotton fabric for this section. Match up the sun pieces to the fabric on your Felt Baby Mobile according to the same stitching pattern. Sew the panels to one another, taking care to stuff them well. You'll want to stuff this type of piece tightly, because it'll take quite a bit of weight to pull through the beads, and you want it to stay together when you sew it up. Be sure to finish sewing the bottom edge of the sun piece, then attach the backing to the main body of the mobile.

The Flower Pieces: This is a fun way to add a splash of color to your baby's room. Using your coordinating fabrics and coordinating thread, start stitching around the perimeter of each flower piece. Stitch each piece onto its matching thread. As you stitch, you'll see little pockets created as you go along, which are great for adding beads, buttons or other embellishments to each piece.

The Rainbow Popsicle Pieces: Using your coordinating sewing thread and your Felt Baby Mobile, begin to create cute possible pieces. Add any type of drippy, squishy, septic, or plastic product to your choice of fabrics. You can use any type of markers you like, since most embroidery stitches use pen marks only. Be sure and keep a steady hand as you sew. Keep each piece at about a half-inch to an inch tall and half-inch to three-inches in diameter.

The Cloud and Star: A fun and easy way to add color to your child's room is to sew together two big pieces of cloud and star shapes. Then, using your Felt Baby Mobile, you can put these pieces together to make a wonderful quilt. Once you have completed your quilt, you can start sewing small pockets all over the quilt to add stars, suns, or whatever embellishment you would like. This is also a great project to start out with when you are learning how to sew, since you can always change your colors and fabric whenever you feel like doing something more

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