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Students from any school of study can pursue economics in their higher education program. If you do not have a background in commerce, the subject can become tricky to comprehend, and you may need to look for assignment help in US, in case you are a student of the American sub-continent. Economics is a section of social science that revolves around capital amount. There are different ways to learn about economics. Let’s know about them. 

  • Knowledge


Knowledge is the first level of academic performance. Knowledge in economics helps to learn and remember facts, definitions, and explanations. Questions based on knowledge are typical at college levels and require very little analysis. You may get more economic knowledge for economic assignment writing if you search online for economics assignment help.

Given below is an example of a knowledge question.

Question: Individuated items are a feature of:

  1. Monopolistic market
  2. Oligopoly market
  3. Monopoly market

Answer: a. Monopolistic market

At college levels, only 15 to 20 percent of economics questions are entirely based on knowledge.


  • Comprehension

In the second level of academic performance of studying economics lies comprehension. It mainly focuses on demonstrating

  • Resource conversion from one to another form
  • Clarification of resources
  • Forecasting future trends, effects, and its implications

Questions formed on comprehension of economics require the lowest level of understanding of the subject.

For example,

Question: Suppose Dell and HP are computer substitutes, then increased price of HP will result in:

  1. A demand reduction in Dell computers
  2. A degree in quantity demand of Dell computers
  3. A demand increase for Dell computers

Answer: c. A demand increase for Dell computers

If you search online for economics do my homework help, you will know that approximately 30 to 40 percent of college-level economic questions are based on economics.


  • Application

The application lies in economic study’s third level of academic performance. It consists of using the knowledge and comprehension of economic concepts, principles, laws, and theories in the practical field. Given below is an example of application type of questions.

Question: a business article on the wall street journal shows how a decrease in the price of cars increased the quantity of gold. It shows the:

  1. Law of demand
  2. Law of supply
  3. Direct relationship of price and quantity demanded

Answer: a. law of demand.

30 to 50 percent of economics questions at the college level are based on application.


  • Analysis

The analysis is the study of economics’ final level of academic performance. The capability to divide materials into small parts to better comprehend the overall organizational structure is termed economic analysis. The economic analysis consists of 

  1. Recognition of components
  2. Comprehension of interpersonal relationships between components
  3. Identification of corporate principles and laws


Upper-level economic courses have 10 to 15 percent of the test questions.


To study economics successfully, you have to demonstrate 4 levels of my assignment help academic performance. It includes knowledge, comprehension, application, and analysis. 


Summary- knowledge, comprehension, application, and analysis are the 4 academic performance levels of economics


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