After playing Runescape for a long time from Kin Gang's blog

Now you will have OSRS gold to return to Azzanadra's pyramid. You will need to use the'Search' option on the rear wall of the room that the tomb is in. You will find a hidden passageway. Continue through it till you get to an exit where light will be pouring out of. Proceed and you'll look near Eblis and the mirrors. Return to Azzanadra. Someone has broken into my pyramid!

He wore steel armour, and has been a man of great strength. I believe he has gained my key understanding of the Ancient Magicks! How did he get in? He might have followed you in when you're first here. He has to be discovered and silenced. Anyway, did you get the pendant? This is. You hand the Pendant of Azzanadra into Azzanadra. He refuses to take it.

I had you take it for your benefit, not mine, even adventurer. So you are giving it to me? It not only Runescape 2107 gold raises your power physicaly, but allows you secure passage into all Zaros' shrines. Sounds great to me. Now, I have a job for you. There are four shrines scattered throughout this world. After the intruder gained the knowledge of the Ancient Magicks, I believe he also gained knowledge about where these shrines could be. I need you to find them.

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The Wall

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