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Who does pitfall hunting for RuneScape gold any reason whatsoever? Cooking the meat is a waste of time, you're better off alching or something in case you need to wait. Cooking the meat could be somewhat useful as you'll be idly getting cooking experience when awaiting your traps. You have the choice to alch also. It is personal preference on which one you'd do, but in case you decide to cook, then the Dwarven Army Axe can be convenient.

I really don't see what kind of debate you're trying to present along with your line on pitfall hunting. One has a number of options in regards to instruction Hunter, and pitfall searching is just one of the options. It'd be very naive to presume that nobody in any way utilizes pitfall hunting. I was simply stating one instance in which the Dwarven Army Axe could be utilized. Do you have some kind of a vendetta against using it for Hunter? I concur there are other training options which may be more effective, but the Dwarven Army Axe can help.

I took the axe with me today to miscellania to chop a few trees, then I was using it to earn tele tabs and get myself a few strange rocks. Its useful for whatever people want to use it for. Runescape is a game, its supposed to be entertaining, who are you to judge wether how that people send their period is moot?

At the end of the day, it's a useful thing for many people for an assortment of ways, just take care of the fact it is not to your particular taste, because claiming it's completely useless is not only naive and unfounded, but saying it's only used by people"trying to be different" is dumb to top off. For everything else, it's only good for new or buy osrs gold safe low-leveled players.

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