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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Developer Professional Sample Questions (Q46-Q51):

You need to execute a script on a remote instance through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Manager. Which option can you use?

  • A. It cannot be done.
  • B. Use /bin/sh with the full path to the location of the script to execute the script.
  • C. Download the script to a local desktop and execute the script.
  • D. Use remote-exec

Answer: D

Using Remote Exec
With Resource Manager, you can use Terraform's remote exec functionality to execute scripts or commands on a remote computer. You can also use this technique for other provisioners that require access to the remote resource.

Which testing approaches is a must for achieving high velocity of deployments and release of cloud-native applications?

  • A. Integration testing
  • B. Automated testing
  • C. A/B testing
  • D. Penetration testing

Answer: B

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides a number of DevOps tools and plug-ins for working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. These can simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure or enable automated testing and continuous delivery.
A/B Testing
While A/B testing can be combined with either canary or blue-green deployments, it is a very different thing. A/B testing really targets testing the usage behavior of a service or feature and is typically used to validate a hypothesis or to measure two versions of a service or feature and how they stack up against each other in terms of performance, discoverability and usability. A/B testing often leverages feature flags (feature toggles), which allow you to dynamically turn features on and off.
Integration Testing
Integration tests are also known as end-to-end (e2e) tests. These are long-running tests that exercise the system in the way it is intended to be used in production. These are the most valuable tests in demonstrating reliability and thus increasing confidence.
Penetration Testing
Oracle regularly performs penetration and vulnerability testing and security assessments against the Oracle cloud infrastructure, platforms, and applications. These tests are intended to validate and improve the overall security of Oracle Cloud Services.

What is the communication method between different Cloud native applications services?

  • A. Basic and synchronous
  • B. Basic and asynchronous
  • C. Complex and asynchronous
  • D. Complex and synchronous

Answer: B

What Is Cloud Native?
Cloud native technologies are characterized by the use of containers, microservices, serverless functions, development pipelines, infrastructure expressed as code, event-driven applications, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Cloud native enables faster software development and the ability to build applications that are resilient, manageable, observable, and dynamically scalable to global enterprise levels.
When constructing a cloud-native application, you'll want to be sensitive to how back-end services communicate with each other. Ideally, the less inter-service communication, the better. However, avoidance isn't always possible as back-end services often rely on one another to complete an operation.
While direct HTTP calls between microservices are relatively simple to implement, care should be taken to minimize this practice. To start, these calls are always synchronous and will block the operation until a result is returned or the request times outs. What were once self-contained, independent services, able to evolve independently and deploy frequently, now become coupled to each other. As coupling among microservices increase, their architectural benefits diminish.
Executing an infrequent request that makes a single direct HTTP call to another microservice might be acceptable for some systems. However, high-volume calls that invoke direct HTTP calls to multiple microservices aren't advisable. They can increase latency and negatively impact the performance, scalability, and availability of your system. Even worse, a long series of direct HTTP communication can lead to deep and complex chains of synchronous microservices calls, shown in Figure 4-9:
A message queue is an intermediary construct through which a producer and consumer pass a message. Queues implement an asynchronous, point-to-point messaging pattern.
Message queuing is an effective way to implement communication where a producer can asynchronously send a consumer a message.

Which two "Action Type" options are NOT available in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Events rule definition?

  • A. Email
  • B. Functions
  • C. Slack
  • D. Streaming
  • E. Notifications

Answer: A,C

Overview of Events
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Events enables you to create automation based on the state changes of resources throughout your tenancy. Use Events to allow your development teams to automatically respond when a resource changes its state.
Event Rules must also specify an action to trigger when the filter finds a matching event. Actions are responses you define for event matches. You set up select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services that the Events service has established as actions. The resources for these services act as destinations for matching events. When the filter in the rule finds a match, the Events service delivers the matching event to one or more of the destinations you identified in the rule. The destination service that receives the event then processes the event in whatever manner you defined. This delivery provides the automation in your environment.
You can only deliver events to certain Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services with a rule. Use the following services to create actions:

In the sample Kubernetes manifest file below, what annotations should you add to create a private load balancer In oracle Cloud infrastructure Container Engine for Kubermetes?

  • A. Option C
  • B. Option A
  • C. Option D
  • D. Option B

Answer: C

https://docs.cloud.oracle.com/en-us/iaas/Content/ContEng/Tasks/contengcreatingloadbalancer.htm?TocPath=Services%7CExample%20Network%20Resource%20Configuration%7CUpgrading%20the%20Version%20of%20Kubernetes%20Running%20on%20a%20Master%20Node%7C_____2 Creating Internal Load Balancers in Public and Private Subnets You can create Oracle Cloud Infrastructure load balancers to control access to services running on a cluster:
When you create a 'custom' cluster, you select an existing VCN that contains the network resources to be used by the new cluster. If you want to use load balancers to control traffic into the VCN, you select existing public or private subnets in that VCN to host the load balancers.
When you create a 'quick cluster', the VCN that's automatically created contains a public regional subnet to host a load balancer. If you want to host load balancers in private subnets, you can add private subnets to the VCN later.
Alternatively, you can create an internal load balancer service in a cluster to enable other programs running in the same VCN as the cluster to access services in the cluster. You can host internal load balancers in public subnets and private subnets.
To create an internal load balancer hosted on a public subnet, add the following annotation in the metadata section of the manifest file:
service.beta.kubernetes.io/oci-load-balancer-internal: "true"
To create an internal load balancer hosted on a private subnet, add both following annotations in the metadata section of the manifest file:
service.beta.kubernetes.io/oci-load-balancer-internal: "true"
service.beta.kubernetes.io/oci-load-balancer-subnet1: "ocid1.subnet.oc1..aaaaaa....vdfw" where ocid1.subnet.oc1..aaaaaa....vdfw is the OCID of the private subnet.


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