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The Salesforce Integration-Architecture-Designer certification exam is designed to test the candidate's knowledge in various areas such as integration patterns, integration requirements, integration security, integration governance, and integration tools. The exam is divided into multiple-choice questions and is timed for 120 minutes. The passing score for this exam is 68%, and it is available in multiple languages.

The Salesforce Integration-Architecture-Designer certification is highly valued in the industry and is recognized by many organizations as an essential qualification for professionals working in the field of integration architecture. Obtaining this certification can help individuals advance their careers and open up new job opportunities, as well as demonstrate their commitment to excellence and their ability to design and implement effective integration solutions.

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Salesforce Certified Integration Architecture Designer Sample Questions (Q59-Q64):

When making an Apex callout, what approach should an Integration Architect recommend for securely transporting sensitive data from Salesforce over an unsecure network connection?

  • A. Use platform Encryption to secure the data before transporting.
  • B. Salesforce automatically secures all data transmissions to external systems.
  • C. Base64 encode the data before performing the call out from Apex.
  • D. Encrypt the data with a shared key before performing the Apex callout.

Answer: C

Universal Containers (UC) has an existing web-based application that a group of employees use on a regular basis. These employees often have Salesforce and the web-based application open and find themselves manually moving the data between both. UC would like the two systems to be integrated so that the employees will see all the data in one screen without the need for manually updating the data.
What integration pattern can help accomplish this requirement?

  • A. Use Steaming API to create a push topic to send the message to the external system asynchronously.
  • B. Use Rest API to pull data from Salesforce and update the external application.
  • C. Use the canvas framework to embed the external application into Salesforce.

Answer: C

The Integration Team at Universal Containers is frustrated because the developers keep changing the data model and trigger behaviors during development, resulting in frequent rework and unexpected bugs lade in the development process.
What two recommendations should a Technical Architect make to resolve this issue?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Use a requirements traceability matrix to track data model changes back to the requirement that prompted them.
  • B. Encourage code developers and integration developers to work in separate sandboxes.
  • C. Implement a Regression Testing policy to catch issues earlier in the development process.
  • D. Implement a continuous Integration process to identify issues earlier in the development process.

Answer: A,D

A customer is migrating from an old legacy system to Salesforce. As part of the modernization effort, they would like to integrate al existing systems that currently work with their legacy application with Salesforce.
Which three constraints and pain-points should an integration architect consider when choosing the integration pattern/mechanism?
Choose 3 answers

  • A. System types - APIs, File systems, Email
  • B. Reporting and usability requirements
  • C. Error handling mechanisms
  • D. Multi-language and multi-currency requirement
  • E. Data Volume and Processing volume

Answer: A,C,E

Universal containers has used Outbound Messaging to integrate with their billing system. Their billing system has frequent outages that don't last more than a couple of hours.
Which two aspects of Outbound Messaging might the customer experience issues with as a result of these outages?
Choose 2 answers

  • A. Duplicate messages
  • B. Exceeding Governor Limits.
  • C. Out-of-order delivery.
  • D. Orphaned Requests

Answer: A,C


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