Ideally, a female butt is shaped like an hourglass that symbolizes sensuality. For transwomen who wish to achieve this feminine ideal backside, buttock augmentation (also referred to as Brazilian Butt lift) can be performed. One can get the benefits of Butt Augmentation surgery with Dr. Parag Telang, FFS surgeon in India at Designer Bodyz. This procedure reshapes and enhances the gluteal area and provides a shapely buttock profile i.e. rounder, fuller, more projected, and have an S-curve silhouette. The two most popular methods for butt augmentation are autologous fat transfer (wherein undesirable fat from other body parts is taken by liposuction and transferred into the butt) and gluteal implant surgery with or without fat transfer for additional contouring (for flat or poorly defined buttocks). To know more about Butt Augmentation cost in India, consult Dr. Parag Telang, at Designer Bodyz.