Students have mixed feeling about essay writing. While some love to put on their thinking cap and get their creative juices flowing, many despise the task due to their inadequate skill sets. They don’t have access to good essay topics or the skills to compose a compelling essay from scratch. No wonder many rely upon professional writing coaches for extensive support.

A good essay topic is the bedrock of any essay paper. However, most students don’t know how to find good essay topics and end up with random ideas which can impact their academic grades. If you relate, it's time to give up your writing woes and use the most effective tricks to spot the ideal topic for your pending essay.

Let’s take a look at some of the key factors that you should focus on while searching for essay topics online:

  • Area of interest: Writing an essay becomes easier and more manageable when the topic is known and from your interested subject area. So whether you have to findcompare and contrast essay or analytical essay topics, identify your area of interest before start searching for essay topics.


  • Academic Relevance:All informative essay topics don't need to be relevant to your coursework. You can spot topics quicker once you determine their relevancy with the given essay prompt. Carefully read the essay prompt and narrow your search for more productive results.


  • Availability of data:When picking character analysis essay, many prefer easy topics because of the quick availability of data. Similarly, when considering a few ideas, conduct preliminary research to check for enough information on the matter. You can refer to articles, sample essays, academic databases, and websites to gather credible and verified information for your essay paper.


  • Uniqueness & authenticity:Your primary goal should be to create something unique and original with reference to the given requirements to meet your professor's expectations. Hence, be careful of the topic you choose. In order to make a unique paper, don’t opt for uncommon or less searched essay topics, as you won't have enough details to elaborate on. That said, it’s also important to make sure the issue is not too broad, be it descriptive essay topics or write my term paper. You will get lost in research and struggle to organise data based on its significance.


  • Subject knowledge:Always opt for topics you have some knowledge about. Composing an essay on a new topic completely from scratch will hog up your time, and you won't have enough time to research and write. So check different essay topics and examples and try to develop a topic you know about. This way, you can analyse your opportunities with each topic and plan your paper accordingly.


Writing an essay will no longer be a riddle if you know how to do it. Finding the right essay conclusion is the stepping stone to a great journey. Therefore, focus on the brighter aspect and pick something that will keep you focused and motivated to research and write.


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