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To take the JN0-649 exam, candidates must have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of networking and should have experience working with Juniper Networks equipment. The exam consists of 65 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within a time limit of 120 minutes. A passing score of 65% or higher is required to obtain the JNCIP-ENT certification. This certification is highly valued by employers and can open up many doors for career advancement in the field of enterprise networking. With the increase in demand for skilled network engineers, obtaining the JNCIP-ENT certification can provide a competitive edge to professionals in this field.

The Juniper JN0-649 certification exam, also known as the Enterprise Routing and Switching, Professional (JNCIP-ENT) exam, is a comprehensive test designed to validate the skills and knowledge of networking professionals in the field of enterprise routing and switching. This certification is ideal for individuals who have already obtained the JNCIA-Junos certification and wish to take their knowledge and expertise to the next level.

The Juniper JN0-649 exam is intended for individuals who have a minimum of three to five years of experience in networking and routing technologies. This certification is ideal for network engineers, network administrators, and IT professionals who are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining enterprise networks. The certification validates the candidate's knowledge and skills in the latest networking technologies and helps them to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry.

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Juniper Enterprise Routing and Switching, Professional (JNCIP-ENT) Sample Questions (Q18-Q23):

You will to route Layer 3 PVLAN traffic within the secondary VLAN.
What is required to accomplish this task?

  • A. a community VIAN
  • B. an FBF policy
  • C. an IRB
  • D. an isolated VLAN

Answer: C

A Layer 2 connection does not expend across data centers. The IP subnet in a Layer 2 domain is confined within a single data center.
Which EVPN route type is used to communicate prefixes between the data centers?

  • A. Type 2
  • B. Type 4
  • C. Type 5
  • D. Type 1

Answer: C

You created a firewall rule to protect the Routing Engine. After applying the rule, your OSPF adjacencies dropped.
How would you solve this problem?

  • A. Define a router ID under the [edit routing-options] hierarchy.
  • B. Create a firewall term that allows IP protocol 89.
  • C. Apply the firewall filter to the physical ports.
  • D. Configure the loopback interface under the [edit protocols ospf] hierarchy.

Answer: B

You enable the Multiple VLAN Registration Protocol (MVRP) to automate the creation and management of virtual LANs.
Which statement is correct in this scenario?

  • A. When enabled, MVRP affects all interfaces.
  • B. Timers dictate when link state changes are propagated.
  • C. MVRP works with RSTP and VSTP.
  • D. The forbidden mode does not register or declare VLANs.

Answer: D

The forbidden mode does not register or declare VLANs. You can change the registration mode of a specific interface to forbidden. An interface in forbidden registration mode does not participate in MVRP even if MVRP is enabled on the switch. MVRP is disabled by default on the switches and, when enabled, affects only trunk interfaces. Once you enable MVRP, all VLAN interfaces on the switch belong to MVRP (the default normal registration mode) and those interfaces accept PDU messages and send their own PDU messages. forbidden-The interface does not register or declare VLANS (except statically configured VLANs).

BGP multipath or multihop are not configured in your network.
In this scenario, what is the correct sequence for BGP active route selection?

  • A. higher local preference
    shortest AS path
    lowest peer address
    lowest router ID
    lower origin code
  • B. higher local preference
    shortest AS path
    lower origin code
    lowest router ID
    lowest peer address
  • C. higher local preference
    shortest AS path
    lowest router ID
    lowest peer address
    lower origin code
  • D. higher local preference
    lowest router ID
    lowest peer address
    lower origin code
    shortest AS path

Answer: B

BGP Path Selection process follows this order
1.Weight (Bigger is better)
2. Local preference (Bigger is better)
3. Self originated (Locally injected is better than iBGP/eBGP learned)
4. AS-Path (Smaller is better)
5. Origin
6. MED (Smaller is better)
7. External (Prefer eBGP over iBGP)
8. IGP cost (Smaller is better)
9. EBGP Peering (Older is better)
10. Router- ID


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