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The Cisco 500-220 exam, also known as Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions, is a certification exam that aims to test the knowledge and skills of professionals who are interested in designing, deploying, configuring, and managing Cisco Meraki solutions. This exam is designed to validate the abilities of individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in networking, security, and cloud computing, especially those who want to work with Cisco Meraki technologies.

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The Cisco 500-220 exam covers various topics, such as Meraki architecture, cloud-based network management, security and access control, wireless LAN and WAN technologies, network monitoring, and troubleshooting. The exam is designed to test the candidate's understanding of Meraki's cloud-based management platform, network design concepts, and implementation strategies. The exam also assesses the candidate's ability to identify and resolve network issues, as well as their knowledge of industry best practices.

Cisco Engineering Cisco Meraki Solutions Sample Questions (Q41-Q46):

Drag and drop the settings from the left into the boxes on the right to indicate if the setting will be cloned or not cloned using the Cisco Meraki MS switch cloning feature.



What is the role of the Meraki Dashboard as the service provider when using SAML for single sign-on to the Dashboard?

  • A. The Dashboard provides user access credentials.
  • B. The Dashboard generates the SAML response.
  • C. The Dashboard parses the SAML request and authenticates users.
  • D. The Dashboard generates the SAML request.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
Assuming this MX has established a full tunnel with its VPN peer, how will the MX route the WebEx traffic?

  • A. WebEx traffic will be load-balanced between both active WAN links.
  • B. WebEx traffic will prefer WAN 1 as it is the primary uplink.
  • C. WebEx traffic will prefer WAN 2 as long as it meets the thresholds in the "Conf" performance class.
  • D. WebEx traffic will prefer WAN 2 as long as it is up.

Answer: B

What are two organization permission types? (Choose two.)

  • A. Read-only
  • B. Monitor-only
  • C. Write-only
  • D. Full
  • E. Write

Answer: A,D


When wireless SSIDs are configured in Dashboard, which setting on the Access Control page affects the ability of a 2.4 GHz only client device from associating to the WLAN for the first time?

  • A. 802.11r
  • B. Dual band operating with Band Steering
  • C. Content filtering
  • D. Bridge mode

Answer: B


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