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The Oracle 1z0-1085-22 exam is a multiple-choice exam that consists of 60 questions, and the candidate has 105 minutes to complete it. The exam covers various topics, including the fundamentals of cloud computing, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure core services, security, networking, and storage. The exam also tests the candidate's ability to implement and manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, as well as their ability to troubleshoot common issues.

The Oracle 1z0-1085-22 exam, also known as the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Foundations Associate exam, is a certification exam designed for IT professionals who want to validate their skills and knowledge in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. This exam is the first step towards earning the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Associate certification and is aimed at individuals who are new to cloud computing and want to learn about Oracle's cloud services.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2022 Foundations Associate Sample Questions (Q86-Q91):

Which feature allows you to logically group and isolate your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources?

  • A. Availability Domain
  • B. Compartments
  • C. Identity and Access Management Groups
  • D. Tenancy

Answer: B

COMPARTMENT A collection of related resources. Compartments are a fundamental component of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for organizing and isolating your cloud resources. You use them to clearly separate resources for the purposes of measuring usage and billing, access (through the use of policies), and isolation (separating the resources for one project or business unit from another). A common approach is to create a compartment for each major part of your organization.
* User Group can use some resources in the compartment like network resources also they can't create it depend on the policy that assigned
* Remember, a compartment is a logical grouping, not a physical one

Which TWO are valid targets for setting up Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) budgets?
(Choose all correct answers)

  • A. Identity and Access Management (IAM) group
  • B. Compartment
  • C. Cost-tracking tag
  • D. Budget tag
  • E. Tenancy

Answer: B,C

OCI budgets can be set on which two options?

  • A. Free-form tags
  • B. Compartments
  • C. Cost-tracking tags
  • D. Tenancy
  • E. Virtual Cloud Network

Answer: B,C

In OCI a budget can be used to set soft limits on your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure spending. You can set alerts on your budget to let you know when you might exceed your budget, and you can view all of your budgets and spending from one single place in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console.
Budgets are set on
* Cost-tracking tags
* Compartments (including the root compartment)

Which is NOT a component of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Identity domains?

  • A. users
  • B. Dynamic Groups
  • C. Polices
  • D. Groups

Answer: A

Which OCI service is the most cost-effective?

  • A. File Storage
  • B. Block Volume
  • C. Archive Storage
  • D. Object Storage (standard)

Answer: D


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