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CWNP CWNA-108 Exam Certification Details:

Passing Score70%
Recommended TrainingOfficial CWNA Certification Self Study Kit
Live Training Wireless Network Certification Class
Duration90 minutes
Exam NameWireless Network Administrator
Exam RegistrationPEARSON VUE

The CWNA-108 exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within 90 minutes. The exam is administered by the Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) organization, which is a leading provider of wireless certification programs. The certification is valid for three years, and candidates must pass a recertification exam or earn continuing education credits to maintain the certification. The CWNA-108 certification is highly respected in the industry and is recognized by many organizations as a benchmark for wireless networking knowledge and skills.

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CWNP Certified Wireless Network Administrator Exam Sample Questions (Q10-Q15):

You manage a WLAN with 100 802.11ac access points. All access points are configured to use 80 MHz channels. In a particular BSS, only 40 MHz communications are seen. What is the likely cause of this behavior?

  • A. The short guard interval is also enabled
  • B. All clients implement single spatial stream radios
  • C. The clients are all 802.11n STAs or lower
  • D. The AP is improperly configured to use only 40 MHz of the 80 MHz allocated bandwidth

Answer: C


What factor does not influence the distance at which an RF signal can be effectively received?

  • A. Free Space Path Loss
  • B. Receiving station's radio sensitivity
  • C. Receiving station's output power
  • D. Transmitting station's output power

Answer: B

In a long-distance RF link, what statement about Fade Margin is true?

  • A. A Fade Margin is unnecessary on a long-distance RF link if more than 80% of the first Fresnel zone is clear of obstructions.
  • B. The Fade Margin of a long-distance radio link should be equivalent to the receiver's low noise filter gain.
  • C. The Fade Margin is a measurement of signal loss through free space and is a function of frequency and distance.
  • D. Fade Margin is an additional pad of signal strength designed into the RF system to compensate for unpredictable signal fading.

Answer: D

You are performing a post-implementation validation survey. What basic tool can be used to easily locate areas of high co-channel interference?

  • A. Wi-Fi scanner
  • B. Throughput tester
  • C. Laptop-based spectrum analyzer
  • D. Access point spectrum analyzer

Answer: A

Which IEEE 802.11 physical layer (PHY) specifications include support for and compatibility with both ERP and HR/DSSS?

  • A. VHT (802.11ac)
  • B. DSSS (802.11-Prime)
  • C. HT (802.11n)
  • D. OFDM (802.11a)

Answer: C


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