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The Pure Storage FBAP_002 certification exam is designed to test the knowledge and skills of professionals who wish to become expert architects in the field of storage technology. The exam is intended for individuals who have extensive experience in the storage industry and are looking to take their skills to the next level. The certification is offered by Pure Storage, a leading provider of flash storage technology.

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Pure Storage FlashBlade Certified Architect Professional (FBAP_002) Exam Sample Questions (Q16-Q21):

A customer has an application that stores GIS data in an S3 repo. For compliance reasons, the GIS data that existed at a previous point in time may need to be accessed.
What should the architect do?

  • A. Replicate the older objects
  • B. Take periodic snapshots
  • C. Enable object versioning ***
  • D. Back up the GIS data regularly

Answer: C

The customer has legacy production application that uses a hard-coded S3 access key with an encrypted hash for the secret key. The customer wants to enable development access to the production S3 bucket using the same S3 user account with a 60-day key rotation.
What should the architect do?

  • A. Create an additional access key
  • B. Use NFS to access data of S3 buckets.
  • C. Create an Active Directory service account.
  • D. Create an additional S3 account and key ***

Answer: D

A customer is implementing a new backup system using four backup appliances, with dual 10Gbps NICs writing to a FlashBlade. Each backup appliance can write at line speed.
What is the minimum number of 52TB blades to be able to handle this workload?

  • A. 27 blades
  • B. 8 blades ***
  • C. 35 blades
  • D. 15 blades

Answer: B

What must an architect do to delete a filesystem?

  • A. Turn off the system services
  • B. Take a snapshot and then remove file system
  • C. Enable Fast Remove ***
  • D. Unmount the file system from clients

Answer: C

A customer is standing up a new 30x17TB FlashBlade system.
The customer's environment is as follows:
1.The upstream switches are located 50 feet away
2.The upstream switches have the required number of 100Gb/s interfaces.
3.The customer is conscious about data availability.
4.The customer requires the use of 4 LAGs
What is the minimum number of cables required?

  • A. 8 active QSFP + to QSFP + cables ***
  • B. 4 active QSFP + to QSFP + cables
  • C. 8 passive QSFP + to QSFP + cables
  • D. 4 passive QSFP + to QSFP + cables

Answer: A


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