As they say, “Matches are Made in Heaven”, the matchmaking show would like to play cupid and make the journey heavenly of finding the “right one”. It is India’s first-ever matchmaking show where the eligible participants will get an opportunity to come on the live show and connect with potential suitors from across the globe. 

The primary concern of a participant while participating in such online matchmaking sites is how successful this effort will be. Well, the Matchmaking show operators won’t tie you with some random suitors, the whole process will be based on your preferences. 

Dig in further and know all about this unique Matchmaking show cum matchmaking website. 



Is online matchmaking even successful?

Yes, online matchmaking sites are suitable and authentic platforms to find your soulmate. As the whole match-fixing business is handled by AI, your entered information in the form will play an important role to find a potential suitor. Here are some data which shows how successful the online matchmaking business is:

  • By the end of 2002, the revenue in the matchmaking segment will reach up to $282.70m 
  • By the year 2027, the revenue generated from the matchmaking industry will provide an annual growth rate of 1.39% which results in $302.90m.
  • There will be nearly 29.4m users who will be using online matchmaking sites by 2027, which will grow from 1.4% in 2022 to 2.0% in 2027.
  • The average revenue per user is nearly $14.69 
  • The most revenue from the matchmaking industry will be generated by China in 2022 i.e. $1,138m.
  • South Korea has the highest user penetration in the Matchmaking segment at 3.6%.


Step By Step Procedure to Participate in the Matchmaking show:

Here we divided the whole procedure of applying as a participant in the matchmaking show. 

Step1. Go to the official website of The Matchmaking Show

Step2. You will land on the page, there at the top of the right corner, and you will see a “Reply as Participant” option. Click on it.

Step3. An application form will appear on your screen. 

Step4. Start filling out the details. All the details need to be filled in. 


Ensure that you are filling out all details. Don’t put any false information as it will directly affect the whole match-finding process.


How to Fill out the form?

India’s first-ever matchmaking show is divided into two major sections, first contact details and second personal details. The form should be filled out by the participant only. No one can fill it out on the behalf of others.


On submitting the form, you will receive mail from our end. If you don’t receive any mail, contact us. 


How will the Show find a compatible partner for you? 


This compatible match-finding process is both manual and automated. Firstly you have to manually provide your information and then based on the data, AI will track down a suitable partner for you. 

Here is the process of how India’s First ever matchmaking show will work:

  1. Your entry in the matchmaking show along with introducing you and your family background. 
  2. You get a chance to tell more about your choices to find a dream partner. 
  3. Millions of viewers will have a chance to connect with you. Our AI system will filter out the interested candidates based on the information (income bracket, religion, ethnicity etc.) provided by you. It will indeed be a match made in heaven. 
  4. Out of thousands of enquiries, only a few matches will be selected. Don’t worry about the contact details. Viewers don’t get a chance to view your details. 
  5. Based on the information and requirements, the backend team will arrange physical meetings among participants and prospective suitors. 
  6. Successful matches will make up the future episodes of the Matchmaking show. 


Why this “The Matchmaking Show”?


Wondering, what is so special about this match-making show? What makes this show stand out from the crowd? The show is so special because of its different format. There will be no competition, it will purely operate like offline match-making, where both bride and groom get a chance to find their respective partners.  

Here is why a participant who is looking for their dream partner should give a try to this show:

  • Enjoy the limelight and become a celebrity. The show will be featured on the leading OTT platform Voot. The show will be watched by millions of viewers, which will make you quite popular and can lead to further stardom. 
  • As you are filling out the form before participating in the show. The information will help us to understand your choices for a partner and you will for sure find the perfect match of your dreams. 
  • Chance to connect with like-minded people and compatible partners from all across the world, as it is India’s first-ever matchmaking show and will be viewed by candidates across the globe. You can even make friends here. 
  • This show will open doors for you to be a celebrity and you can even change your profession based on your interest. 


How Safe Are Online Matchmaking Shows?

We understand your concern regarding the safety of your personal information provided in the application. However, all the information is confidential and we only go through it in the backend to filter and find a potential suitor. 

All your details are safe with us, no one can take advantage of them. Even when a participant is interested in your profile, a whole procedure will be followed before exchanging the contact details. 

All the forms filled by users will be verified by our team. We ensure that there is no fake profile available on the platform. Verification is done to filter out the serious candidates. 


How is the Matchmaking show different from any other show?

Firstly, it is India’s first-ever matchmaking show.  Yes, because it is different from all the other shows that have ever been broadcasted on the platform. This show is all about prospective brides and grooms finding their potential suitors from across the world. Interested people from India, the USA, Canada and the UK get a chance to be part of the show to find their soulmates. The best thing about this show is that it is not limited to the participants who form, but viewers who will watch the show can participate later. 

This show will be filmed in three different locations: Dubai, Mumbai and London. Participants will get a chance to choose their location. All the episodes of the show will be telecasted on the popular platform OTT. As the streaming platform has such a high user base, all the participants will get huge stardom from the show. 



Are you still giving it a second thought, when you should participate in the show right away? The way you don’t get enough variety in Indian weddings when you are late, likewise, you should not delay in finding a suitable life partner. Be ready to find your soulmate.  India’s first-ever matchmaking show will be your platform to meet your soulmate. Fill out your form and book the spot, let The Matchmaking Show play cupid for you and your partner. 

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