Writing a case study from the top is a nightmare for most students with no prior experience in the task. They don’t have a clear idea about the case study format and are mostly clueless about the kind of details, data, and figures they need to include in their case study.

Case study reports are all about studying the company reports in-depth, identifying the challenges, suggesting probable solutions, implementing them to solve the identified issues, and analyzing the outcome.

Before you conduct an analysis for your case study, it's important to understand the standard writing format. Typically, a case study is formatted like an essay or a report. If a writer follows the report format, all sections must be divided into different headings and sub-headings to help the reader locate the key points easily.  

What Are The Main Types Of Case Studies?

Generally, a few types of case studies are used to describe, explain, or explore an event or phenomenon. Regardless of the type of essay writing service, such reports are approached in different ways based on the writer’s epistemological standpoint, like whether they take a critical, interpretative or positivist approach. Here are the common types of case studies researchers prefer:

  • Collective case studies
  • Descriptive case studies
  • Explanatory case studies
  • Exploratory case studies
  • Instrumental case studies
  • Intrinsic case studies

However, the three main types are intrinsic, instrumental, and collective. An intrinsic case study is used to learn about unique cases, while an instrumental case study helps to look at an individual and learn about a broader issue. Finally, a collective case study is used to look at several cases at the same time.

How to write a detailed case study within your deadline?

Here are some useful tips to get you through the task:

  1. Research for quality data

If you wish to create a detailed report per the given case study format, ensure you provide enough time to research. Go through articles, relevant case studies and reports and conduct interviews to learn about the issues before you can derive solutions to eradicate the problem.


  1. Focus on the key issues and their impact

Always start your case study by stating the major problems and their effect on the business to help your reader understand the issue and the paper's purpose. Collect sufficient data, figures, and statistics to back your claims, and describe other identified problems.

  1. Provide details of the implied solution(s)

Describe the suggestive strategies adopted by the company and how they help in curtailing the identified issues. Make sure you include the following details:

  • When and how was the solution(s) implied?
  • What were the challenges?
  • What was the chosen approach?
  • Who led the entire process?

Don’t forget to include data about the time and cost that went behind implementing the suggested solutions. You can refer to an example of a pay for essays paper online to check what other details you can provide.

  1. Evaluate the outcome of the solutions

Carefully analyze the results of implementing the solutions to reduce the problem. Check if the solution gave the intended effect. If the solution had a mixed or different outcome, list all the factors contributing to the so-called development. Also, don't forget to suggest a better solution to the problem.

  1. Cite the sources without fail

Accurate citations are mandatory to validate the credibility of your case study. You will certainly use different sources to gather the required data and details. Without proper citations, your work is open to plagiarism threats. Hence, make a note of every book, article, journal, website, or other third-party resources you use to prepare the case study report to cite the sources quickly without any errors.


Following these tips will help you complete your case study easily within the given deadline. So get started with essay for sale paper ASAP to avoid the last-minute rush.

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