Have you visited the dentist this year for teeth cleaning? If not, you must visit your dentist for a dental cleaning every six months. Professional dental cleaning not only keeps your teeth smile beautiful but also keeps your oral health healthy. If oral health is not suitable, it can also impact your general health. Oral health is linked to many health problems. 


You must brush and floss your teeth regularly to maintain good oral health, but more than caring is needed at home. You must visit the dentist to ensure your teeth are in good condition. You should schedule regular check-ups with your Dental Office 77007 and annual dental cleanings with your hygienist. 


Let's see the reasons why it is crucial to take cleanings.




Regular Cleanings Remove Plaque and Tartar



Usually, dental cleaning is done to remove the deposited plaque and tartar between the teeth and gums. This procedure involves using a scaler and scraping the plaque from the teeth. Even if you clean your teeth properly using a flosser or rinser, there are places in the mouth where you can't reach and clean them.


But the Dentist in Katy can clean every space between the teeth. And back of the mouth. Plaque is a film that forms on the upper layer of the teeth. It is a sticky material that sticks to the teeth; if not removed, it can begin and accumulate into tartar around the gum line. The plaque has bacteria and germs, often leading to tooth decay and cavities. 


When tartar forms, it can cause your teeth to turn yellow or brownish. Tartar, if removed, can cause tooth loss or develop a receding gum line. Further, it can develop into decay and gum disease.


Once tartar is developed, you can't remove it at home by flossing or brushing. You need a professional cleaning procedure to clean your teeth properly and improve your oral health.


What Else Happens During a Cleaning?


The teeth-cleaning procedure is scheduled twice a year to maintain good oral health. Your Katy Dentist will also take X-rays, typically taken once a year. It may depend on your case. If your dentist observes any problem in your mouth, they may do more exams during your visit. 




Your dentist may also offer X-rays or fluoride treatments if needed. But, it is not required every six months. Fluoride application can strengthen the tooth enamel and stop decay. Fluoride treatments may help people with many cavities, gum disease, dry mouth, crowns, or bridges. Houston City Centre Dentist don't always suggest fluoride treatments for adults, although they might if you have other health problems or are predisposed to cavities.


In Conclusion:


Dental cleaning is necessary to keep your teeth in a healthy condition. If you feel pain or any problem with your mouth, consult your Dental Clinic in Houston Heights as soon as possible, or it may worsen with time. Discuss with your dentist and ask related questions when you see your dentist. It is an essential part of your daily healthcare regimen. Book an appointment now!


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